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Yvette Carnell To Black People: Jay Z Is Not That Deep. He Is A Distraction (Video)

They weaponize Black Culture against Black People.

Wow. Yvette Carnell is out of the political game, but talking about it. And this ep of her cast, BreakingBrown, is everything but ‘Politics As Usual’ (watch and you’ll get it). Ms. Carnell is speaking two of her truths: (1) The BET Awards is not that important, Black people; and (2) Jay Z and his new album… not that important, or insightful, either.

Just a ploy to get followers and Tidal subscribers? Well, speak on it, Yvette.

(Full disclosure: She starts ABRASIVE! You might get turned off. But do not ‘turn off’ the video before hearing her out. Some points worth pondering. Blew up some ‘popular’ beliefs about what Hov has popping.)

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Jadakiss Speaks On Kendrick Lamar & How Battling Is Good For Hip Hop (Video)

“Following suit ain’t always good… When you build a fan base in this game, they like you for what thy like you for. They don’t want me to be Kendrick or do what Kendrick do; and they don’t want Kendrick to do what they like ‘Kiss for…”


Jadakiss with jewels for the masses in his interview with DRIVEN on the STASHED TV channel. Jada’s seen a battle or two, so he can speak with authority on how a battle can be good (actually “therapeutic”) for Hip-Hop as long as it stays lyrical. Wow. Another timely piece from another Don from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. Probably recorded before the Kendrick “Control” dropped; but truth is truth. Check out more video from this interview below….

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