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Trevor Noah Tells ‘The Daily Show’ Audience How Pusha T & Drake Are Beefing On A New Level (Video)

Trevor said Robert Mueller needs Pusha T’s investigators on his team for the White House probe, the way Push got after Drake in that last diss track. Daaaayum! Bwaaahaaa!


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Comedy: Watch Samuel L. Jackson And James Corden Go Head Up In A ‘Late Late Show’ Rap Battle (Video)

James Corden vs. Samuel L. Jackson. The Late Late Show battle rap battle you NEED to see! They face-off and it’s ON! The bars are not Jigga vs. Nas but actually, they snap kinda hard. The crowd was definitely into the fun… Know what? That’s what this is: FUN!


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Yasiin Bey Versus… Any Emcee? (Video)

No doubt you’ve heard (and seen) the shots let off in the video of Yasiin Bey (the artist formerly known as Mos Def) declaring on camera that no one can test or best him, Black Thought or King Los in a rhyme fight… that anyone who thought different could meet and settle the beef for big charity dollars and bragging rights. You heard about that, right? Well if you didn’t, you can play the embedded video above.

Raw, right? Started thinking about who might step to? How about Lupe Fiasco?

Screenshot 2015-08-11 05.01.24
Screenshot 2015-08-11 05.01.10

Hells yes! Lupe threw down the gauntlet like, “Once again…It’s ON!”

BUT… hold up… wait…

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Eminem vs. Cassidy – Rap Battle (Animation)

Boom! Eminem vs. Cassidy. This is fun. I’ll let you watch and decide if it’s lyrical sport or comedy or vanguard art in Hip-Hop or what. I liked it, so I shared it; because I’m that kind of dude. I will say that it’s okay to nod your head, laugh, cover your mouth (with the “ooohhh” sound)… all while watching. Hmm… just like at a real cipher.


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Jadakiss Speaks On Kendrick Lamar & How Battling Is Good For Hip Hop (Video)

“Following suit ain’t always good… When you build a fan base in this game, they like you for what thy like you for. They don’t want me to be Kendrick or do what Kendrick do; and they don’t want Kendrick to do what they like ‘Kiss for…”


Jadakiss with jewels for the masses in his interview with DRIVEN on the STASHED TV channel. Jada’s seen a battle or two, so he can speak with authority on how a battle can be good (actually “therapeutic”) for Hip-Hop as long as it stays lyrical. Wow. Another timely piece from another Don from the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. Probably recorded before the Kendrick “Control” dropped; but truth is truth. Check out more video from this interview below….

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Comedy: Chris Rock Spits In A ‘SupaHotFiyah’ Rap Battle (Video)