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WHAT???! Method Man & Redman Will NOT Star In “How High 2” (Video)

Damn right Redman felt disrespected that he and Method Man were kept in the casting, or even in the friggin’ loop, for “How High 2.” Respek on his name for not going at Lil Yachty & DC Young Fly though. No need to trash the young bros. Not their fault. Lift them up. Hope they do well in it.

We interviewed Redman recently and asked him how he felt about being replaced with Lil Yachty and DC Young Fly on the sequel to his movie with Method Man “How High.” Full Interview coming soon.
– HipHopDX

Okay. But I will be on the lookout for that new Red & Meth movie project… whatever it is, whenever it is ready!


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Murs And HipHopDX Present “Rap’s Generation Gap: Old Heads Vs. Young Bucks” (Video)

Yeah, RUN-DMC gave the rap game its own dress code (post ‘borrowed from Disco’ style)… Maybe their predecessors thought that was a step too far. And those shots taken at RUN-DMC by their peers and ‘descendants’… Maybe the young’ns are just taking shots and throwing rocks just as every youthful element of our ever-aging art of rap does to the elders in the game. Overall, solid commentary/history on the evolution of Hip-Hop. Respect to Murs (who is no slouch on the mic himself).

The generation gap in the Hip-Hop community is wider than ever. Classic Hip-Hop has its own radio stations in a few major markets because the old heads don’t want to hear all that new Mumble Rap. A lot of new rappers can’t even name one song by any of the classic Hip-Hop greats because, in their opinion, none of them measure up to Drake. The more either side opens their mouth, the wider the divide becomes. Do we continue to let nature take its course or do we attempt to bridge the gap? Is the gap even bridgeable? Rap’s Generation Gap: Old Heads vs. Young Bucks. Let’s break it down…

(But sometimes we really want go ‘full Rapaport‘ though, Murs. Hahahaaaa!)

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Bun B Keeps It Trill On Making Music, Being One Of The Best, And Coming Back To Rap (Video)

Hmm. It has been a while since we’ve really, really heard from Bun B musically. His years in the game, and his time away, seem to have allowed him to draw some wisdom from it – how it was and is to produce good music, impressions of the kinds of music that have been in Hip-Hop since he got on and more.

When you think of Bun B, you automatically think Texan legend. Better yet, Hip-Hop legend. There is no doubt this former member of trill-setting duo UGK has made a lasting impression on the culture alone, creating timeless hit records. While at South By South West, HipHopDX caught up with Bun B to discuss his new album & Big K.R.I.T.’s involvement, the evolution of trap music, social media and his legacy.
– HipHopDX

Jigga had you thinking with “The Story Of OJ” (like “wow, he got that parole,” ha!), didn’t he? Okay, now watch and see how Bun B can get you brain gears turning with some trill talk; without a beat.


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The D.O.C. Speaks On His Time At Death Row, Finding His Voice, And How His Classic Debut Album Was Made (Video)

Great interview! ‘The D.O.C. Has Found His Voice’ indeed. Not even sure if he’ll ever drop another record. The truth is “No One Can Do It Better” would be enough for me to back down any hater that said The DOC was less than the dopest with a pen and a mic. That pen though; that’s how his voice lived on… through the spit he ‘writ’ for Dre, Snoop Dogg and the like. Salute to an OG! Enjoy the clip above.

Legendary recording artist and notorious Dr. Dre songwriter opened up to HipHopDX about making his classic debut “No One Can Do It Better” in only three weeks, clarifies his relationship with the late Eazy-E and calls the Death Row years the darkest times of his life.


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Ghostwriting: Rap’s Messiest Secret (Video)

Think about your all-around fav emcees. Would they still be if you found out they did not pen those rhymes that have you holding them in such high regard? Welcome to the conversation.

Good breakdown by Justin Hunte on the whole ghostwriting thing. I’ve definitely got thoughts on it. Even put ’em in the Twitterverse from time to time. Not fully accepting or deeply butt hurt by those cats. I am a proponent of calling out folks on their sh!t… even the self-procalaimed ‘god emcees.’

DJ Khaled’s “Shinin” featuring Beyonce and Jay Z seems to include another subliminal aimed at Drake. But what would an outward battle between Hov and Drizzy actually look like, considering the two MCs each come from eras with differing tolerance for ghostwriting? Tyrese let the cat out of the bag during his interview with The Breakfast Club this week. He’s planning to release the ghostwriters and reference tracks to all ghostwritten rhymes included on his next album under his rap alias, Black Ty. But how is lyrical greatness defined when crews are enlisted to craft classics? Stones Throw Records MC Homeboy Sandman, as well as Rude Jude from the All Out Show on Shade45 share their perspective on rap’s dirtiest secret.
– HipHopDX

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