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Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Speaks On Notorious B.I.G. Writing Some Of Lil Kim’s Rhymes And Keeping It Secret (Video)

You might file this under talking wreckless: Diddy’s former bodyguard saying Biggie did not want Puffy Combs aka Diddy to know he was Writing for Lil Kim. Keep in mind he (Gene Deal, the bodyguard), has that ‘The Last B.I.G. Night’ documentary coming out soon. So we’ll just leave this right here and step back. You decide.

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Ghostwriting: Rap’s Messiest Secret (Video)

Think about your all-around fav emcees. Would they still be if you found out they did not pen those rhymes that have you holding them in such high regard? Welcome to the conversation.

Good breakdown by Justin Hunte on the whole ghostwriting thing. I’ve definitely got thoughts on it. Even put ’em in the Twitterverse from time to time. Not fully accepting or deeply butt hurt by those cats. I am a proponent of calling out folks on their sh!t… even the self-procalaimed ‘god emcees.’

DJ Khaled’s “Shinin” featuring Beyonce and Jay Z seems to include another subliminal aimed at Drake. But what would an outward battle between Hov and Drizzy actually look like, considering the two MCs each come from eras with differing tolerance for ghostwriting? Tyrese let the cat out of the bag during his interview with The Breakfast Club this week. He’s planning to release the ghostwriters and reference tracks to all ghostwritten rhymes included on his next album under his rap alias, Black Ty. But how is lyrical greatness defined when crews are enlisted to craft classics? Stones Throw Records MC Homeboy Sandman, as well as Rude Jude from the All Out Show on Shade45 share their perspective on rap’s dirtiest secret.
– HipHopDX

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Consequence Says He Ghostwrote For Jay-Z? (Video)

Not Jay Hova. Nope. Maybe? If so, this is big! According to Bossip and others’ interpretations, Cons said on Power 106 that he and Kanye West actually came up with the verses for “Encore” off “The Black Album.” Is he saying that Jay wasn’t even involved in conceiving the rhyme? Is this a slip or shade? Most important to the Hip-Hop: Is it TRUE?

See the interview for yourself above. Lean in at about the 8-minute mark…

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Yasiin Bey Versus… Any Emcee? (Video)

No doubt you’ve heard (and seen) the shots let off in the video of Yasiin Bey (the artist formerly known as Mos Def) declaring on camera that no one can test or best him, Black Thought or King Los in a rhyme fight… that anyone who thought different could meet and settle the beef for big charity dollars and bragging rights. You heard about that, right? Well if you didn’t, you can play the embedded video above.

Raw, right? Started thinking about who might step to? How about Lupe Fiasco?

Screenshot 2015-08-11 05.01.24
Screenshot 2015-08-11 05.01.10

Hells yes! Lupe threw down the gauntlet like, “Once again…It’s ON!”

BUT… hold up… wait…

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Immortal Technique Speaks On Ghostwriting, Nas, & Drug Culture (Video)

Shout out to HardKnock TV and especially to Immortal Technique for speaking realness! This is just part one, and it was chock full of dopeness! During the talk, Immortal Technique declared that Hip-Hop is like no other art. We demand realness…perhaps a bit too much. Case in point: An actor’s swag is given to him by someone else. A director directs Denzel Washington in delivering lines he did not even write. Yet no one says Denzel is not real. No one asks Al Pacino if he is “holding keys” after seeing him portray a drug dealer in a movie. Folks understand he is playing a role. Unfortunately Hip-Hop culture, being the ‘realest’ art, is less thoughtful. Good or bad, we believe rappers pen every verse they spit and live every word of ‘that life’ they rhyme about. What’s worse: We don’t even want that dirty-grind-drug-selling life described in those kinds of rhymes. We want the plush life that is supposed to come after that…and *news flash* no one gets that life!
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