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“I Got The Hook Up 2” Coming To Theaters Friday, July 12th (Trailer)

Dude. Can we call this a ‘sequel’ to the initial trailer? Epic followup trailer. This should whet appetites and spur on sales for this “I Got The Hook Up 2.” Sure hope it delivers all it’s teasing… hella sexy baddies with phatties (cheeks for weeks!) and all kinds of hilarity!

Soooo many cameos (and returning cast members) in this, too. Dope!


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WHAT???! Method Man & Redman Will NOT Star In “How High 2” (Video)

Damn right Redman felt disrespected that he and Method Man were kept in the casting, or even in the friggin’ loop, for “How High 2.” Respek on his name for not going at Lil Yachty & DC Young Fly though. No need to trash the young bros. Not their fault. Lift them up. Hope they do well in it.

We interviewed Redman recently and asked him how he felt about being replaced with Lil Yachty and DC Young Fly on the sequel to his movie with Method Man “How High.” Full Interview coming soon.
– HipHopDX

Okay. But I will be on the lookout for that new Red & Meth movie project… whatever it is, whenever it is ready!


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Yes, There Will Be A Sequel To No Limit’s Classic Hood Flick “I Got The Hook Up” (Trailer)

Holler if ya hear me. And not just any holler either… this news ought to make you say “uhh” (na-nah, na-nah) or something! If you find yourself less than excited about this happening, watch the trailer. That’ll get you. This is gonna be hilarious!!

I GOT THE HOOK UP 2 “Trailer.” The Hilarious “Must See” Urban Comedy Coming To Theaters Nationwide in 2019 featuring a star-studded list of A-List Movie Actors, Celebrities, Social Media Stars, Recording Artist, and More. Master P, Fatboy SSE, DC Young Fly, Pio, A.J. Johnson and so many more surprises in 2019.


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Hitting the Barber Shop: A Day Out with the Beatz & Lyrics Show (Video)

So ArtByOdell of the Beatz & Lyrics Show and our number one camera man James Lewis hit the town for another Night out with Beatz & Lyrics.  This time it is an early morning adventure with Beatz & Lyrics visiting The Swag Shop Barber Shop owned by rapper Killer Mike and his wife.  The Swag Shop is located in Atlanta, GA & recently Big Tigger of v103 did a live broadcast from the shop proviing kids with free haircuts for a couple of hours also promoting the new Furious 7 movie dropping April 3rd.  A cold Saturday morning didn’t stop people from showing up, even entertainers DC Young Fly & Eman Hudson stopped by to take photos and crack jokes.  So be sure to be on the lookout never know where you might see Beatz & Lyrics hosts Jayforce, ArtByOdell, TwiceBorn, & James Lewis with the camera out and about.

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