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Speech: Ice Cube’s Remarks At John Witherspoon’s Funeral (Video)

Man. ‘Craig’ HAD to speak on ‘Pops’ passing. It’s only right. RIP John Witherspoon #RIPPOPS


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Food: John ‘Pops’ Witherspoon Is Cooking Up Some “Poor Man’s Gumbo” (Video)

Hey everyone I’m back with another episode of Cooking For Poor People!
John Witherspoon

That’s it. There is no punchline. You did know he had a cooking show, right?

Well, I didn’t… until now. And that gumbo looks good!

(Tastes good, too. Made mine without the okra. Subbed in canned sweet green peas and canned green beans, because that’s what I had on hand.)

Oh, and while there are no intentional ‘punchlines’ you already KNOW there will be hilarious moments in this clip. Wait on the prayer at the end. John is gonna have to answer for that one (bwaaahaaa)!

RIP to the LEGEND, John Witherspoon #RIPPOPS


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RIP John Witherspoon (Video)

Sad news. The world of comedy, and the world at-large, lost another great one this week.

Announced yesterday by surviving family members, stand-up comedian and comedic/voice actor John Witherspoon has died. We will certainly miss the man most knew as ‘Pops’ (from ‘Boomerang,’ the ‘Friday’ movie franchise, and ‘The Wayans Bros.’ TV series).

John ‘Pops’ Witherspoon aka Comedy’s Favorite Dad has passed at the age of 77.
– Comedy Hype

With the slick ‘hood wit, silliness, and boisterousness of that made him perfect to play that dad (or Granddad, a la ‘Boondocks’), it was like Witherspoon was born to bring belly-laughs to us; whether lounging in our theater seats or living room love seats.

Rest In Peace, ‘Pops.’


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Watch This Guy’s Spot-On Impressions Of Katt Williams, Plies, And ‘Pops’ (Video)

So, comdian Katt Williams, rapper Plies, And actor John Witherspoon walk into a barber shop, and we don’t even know… because they all came through in one dude. Watch. Most anybody can mimick famous folks enough for us to ‘get it’ but how many really nail an impression; let alone three!


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