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Black Thought Speaks To A Roomful Of Creatives & To Creatives Around The World (Video)

Man! I am so glad he finally addressed the whole Tariq vs. Tarik spelling of his name. Had me messed up trying to get his name right in these write-ups. Okay, there’s WAY more to his speech than that. Good wisdom. I’m just saying that part stuck out right at the start.

Black Thought speaks at the Here Are All The Black People event, Oct 30, 2019. Put together by The One Club for Creativity.
If you’re a creative PLEASE WATCH.
The Roots

And let me add that this is something worth watching even if you do not consider yourself a creative.


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Michelle Wolf’s WHCA Dinner Speech Was Loaded With Shots For President Trump, Who Was Not In The Audience… Again (Video)

“Of course, Trump isn’t here… I would drag him here myself, but it turns out that The President is the one p**sy you’re not allowed to grab.”

Woo hooo hoooo! Watch this and see why President Trump likely skipped the White House Correspondents Association’s (WHCA) annual dinner for the second year in row. Michelle Wolf’s speech was that kind of funny fiery oratory that had enough heat to roast the entire room! The Donald wants no part of anything like that. Watch.

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