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Advice: Gary Vaynerchuk Says If Your Social Media Is Not Popping… It Is YOUR Fault (Video)

Shout to #ThisChrisEdits over on YouTube. I’ve been looking for this, at least clips of GaryVee at A3C last month. But check it out: Above, you can see the whole talk!

Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk knows his stuff about following attention. When he came to the A3C conference in Atlanta, he spoke about CONTENT, CONTEXT, and HUMILITY.

Now living in the era where content is KING , and context is QUEEN, Gary Vaynerchuk knows where the under-priced attention is of the people that you could potentially sell to in the future.

He’s been proven to be right over the past decade, so why not execute?

Listen closely, for he has some great information that he doesn’t mind giving away for free. All that we have to do is EXECUTE!!

Music in the intro was made by myself, and I was also the editor and videographer of this video.

ThisChrisEdits In Atlanta

Note to self: Get my LinkedIn and TikTok game up… STRONG… NOW! SO much WISDOM in this clip!


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Intentional Act Of Kindness Earns Kids A New Friend, Clothes, Cash & A Special Visit (Video)

That is exactly how human beings are supposed to interact with one another… It’s not more complicated than that… Somebody’s having a hard time, and you help them.

Tearjerker alert. Mondays are Mondays. Watch this though. You WILL get hit in the feels. And you can blame Ellen and Will for ‘chopping them onions’ and ‘making your eyes rain’ as they celebrate these kids and their awesomeness!



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Julian Samuels – “Make America Great Again” (Video)

Social media. Sometimes it be on that BS. But sometimes a share I see there should earn the sharer a BS… For Birmingham (Alabama) born artist J Samuels, that’d be a Bachelor of [Dropping] Science… on what it takes to really ‘make America great’… Nowadays he’s coming at us straight out of Jacksonville (Florida) with this call for spiritual healing, for no more games, for us to care for¬†and love each other, and to try to get on the some page.

And no, it will not be easy. Whoever said striving for greatness would be easy??

This is the biggest song from my latest project called “Feel My Pain” if you’d like to listen for free, click here!
Julian Samuels



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