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Black Thought Speaks To A Roomful Of Creatives & To Creatives Around The World (Video)

Man! I am so glad he finally addressed the whole Tariq vs. Tarik spelling of his name. Had me messed up trying to get his name right in these write-ups. Okay, there’s WAY more to his speech than that. Good wisdom. I’m just saying that part stuck out right at the start.

Black Thought speaks at the Here Are All The Black People event, Oct 30, 2019. Put together by The One Club for Creativity.
If you’re a creative PLEASE WATCH.
The Roots

And let me add that this is something worth watching even if you do not consider yourself a creative.


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Nardwuar Interviews The Roots (Video)

Been too long a minute to not have posted on Nard… let’s correct that… with an interview with The Roots no less!

Nardwuar interviews Questlove and Black Thought of The Roots at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival in Vancouver, BC Canada! Doot doo!


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Black Thought Really Wants You To ‘Visit Philadelphia’ (Video)

The City Of Brotherly Love’s own, Tarik “Black Thought” Trotter definitely has Roots (had to do it) in the hometown, so there is a bias. But that does not mean the case he makes in this ‘Visit Philadelphia’ series, coaxing all to come, is not valid. You already know about the cheesesteaks and global eats from an earlier post (here), but watch up (above, continuing after the jump) and see more proof!

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Got Three Minutes For Some Good Food? Okay, ‘We Got You’ (Video)

Start it out so Philly and end up with eats halfway ’round the world. Are you okay with that? Then, yes, ‘We Got You.’

Tarik “Black Thought” Trotter of Grammy award-winning Hip-Hop band The Roots and Dustin Ross, co-host of weekly podcast “The Friend Zone,” meet up at a famous cheesesteak shop in North Philadelphia. Later, New York Times best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi and Founder and CEO of Skai Blue Media Rakia Reynolds strike up a conversation over tasty Moroccan food and belly dancing.
– Visit Philadelphia

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Black Thought Says “You Can’t Be Top 5 If You Don’t Write” (Video)

How effortlessly does Tariq move from topic to topic to freestyle on air? A natural!

Black Thought passed through following the release of his latest project Streams Of Thought, Vol. 1.

He spoke about the rap beef, whether he really dissed Diddy and Biggie back in the day, Kanye West, how he prepares for his freestyles, and even spits a new one for Ebro In The Morning.

– HOT 97

Great insights in this, plus SKILLS!



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Touré And Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter Talk About Inspiration, Imagination, And Responsibility (Video)

Lookit. If you don’t think Black Thought is not an all-time great emcee (as in a G.O.A.T., if not the G.O.A.T.), then we don’t have much to talk about. You may not get anything from this post.

But you still ought to watch his sit down with Touré. And learn… some RESPECT! Hmphf… acting like Tariq didn’t set Funk Flex’s mic on fire just over a month ago (watch again here).

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Jimmy Fallon Welcomes His ‘Second Favorite Rapper’ For A Chat (Video)

Tarik Trotter aka Black Thought of The Roots and Jimmy Fallon discuss the 10-minute Funk Flex Freestyle that smoked and left the Interwebs wide open. Look back on here and see how Thought got down and shut the off-top rhyme game down… AFTER you watch the talk clip above.


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Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One: Magician David Blane Shows Up With A Deck Of Cards And A Frog… (Video)

You know you are a real magician when you can bring onlookers up for a really close look, then send them scurrying away like gleefully startled children. Hilarious, engaging and intriguing, watch master illusionist David Blane amaze Jimmy Fallon and The Roots in the clip above.


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Scholarly Rhymes: Black Thought Going Hard On Harvard Yard (Video)

Yo, this is more than a suntan. It’s living color!
Black Thought

The Roots emcee doing the lyrical d-a-m-a-g-e! Welcome to the Harvard i-lab. This is The Other Side Speaker Series featuring Black Thought the Super Lyricist with more and more BARS… steel BARS… hitting ’em in dead their eggheads!!

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Black Thought Freestyles During ‘The Roots’ Town Hall Special on Sirius XM Radio (Video)

“Sway sat with Questlove and Black Thought of The Roots on behalf of Hip Hop Nation on Sirius XM. In this quick clip, we see Quest behind the turn-tables, as Black Thought spits.” – Roots Town Hall on Sirius XM

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Black Thought Speaks On Acting Career, Lifestyle Changes, & Working On A Blues Album (Video)

It’s rather rare to catch Black Thought aka Mr. Tariq Trotter doing solo interviews.  The talented Mr. Trotter is visually known as the lyrical frontman for the Legendary Roots Crew but compared to Questlove’s omnipresence in the media you would almost assume Tariq was nothing short of a hermit.  It’s not everyday you get some interviews where he speaks on upcoming solo projects & what’s going on with his life. Check out the interview with Uber Urban as they catch up with Tariq as he speaks on doing a hip hop blues album, lifestyle changes, & more.
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Black Thought Says MLK’s ‘Dream’ Is Almost a ‘Nightmare’ Similar to a Boondocks Episode (Video)

The team over at ALLHIPHOP caught up with The Roots frontman Black Thought who spoke about the great things about Martin Luther King Jr’s dream, but in contrast to the notion of at what cost today in 2012. I don’t disagree with Black Thought’s analogy that Aaron McGruder’s “Return Of The King” episode of The Boondocks is similar to what’s going on today with our communities. Pay attention to the interview so you can fully understand the context from which Mr. Tariq Trotter & The Wurx are speaking…

The Roots – “Life, Love, & Loot”

Inspired by the Captain Morgan commercial campaign of “Life, Love, & Loot”, Philly’s finest The Roots flipped the musical theme of the liquor brand’s primary song into a dope ass joint with a great classic rock feel. Black Thought aka Tariq Trotter kills this joint on the vocals so well it sounds like he may have outdid Lenny Kravitz himself at his own signature vocal style. The song won’t appear on the The Roots upcoming album “undun” due December 6th, but damn this joint is dope even if for a commercial campaign. Check out the Spin Magazine article with Questlove regarding the project & listen to the track below. Some Behind The Scenes video after the jump…. Glasses Up!


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