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Learn About Malcolm X And His Influence Then & Now (Trailer)

Martin and Malcolm. That’s how we usually characterize the study. Both exerted Overwhelming Influence in our struggle for Civil Rights. Understandably, we get more ‘fed’ to us about moderate Martin (and that ain’t his whole story…facts). But the Malcolm food is out here. We’re bringing you some here and now. Take a taste!

Viewers join in on a road trip from the nation’s capital to the headquarters of the voting rights struggle, Alabama, with Malcolm X co-worker, journalist and lecturer, A. Peter Bailey for a journey through the countryside to meet friends and family of Malcolm X and fascinating front-line veterans of the war for civil rights. We’ll draw the curtain on public perception of Malcolm X, to show you the real man through personal stories from those who knew him.
– BB Unity

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Bodyguard Gladstone Alexander Speaks About Malcolm X’s Life, Activism and Assassination (Video)

Emerge Magazine’s assistant editor, Brother Jimmie Briggs, interviewed one of Malcolm X’s security men, Gladstone “Butch” Alexander on April 9, 1994. The two spoke on the last days of Malcolm X. Above: The full interview, covering the full depth and breadth of Malcolm’s story; building to that tragic day.

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Malcolm X: Make It Plain (Documentary)

Happy Birthday El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz! Thank you for teaching us to love ourselves. In honor of Malcolm X’s birthday today check out this 1994 PBS documentary entitled “Malcolm X: Make It Plain”
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BLITZ – 5/19/11: I Am Malcolm X

Happy Birthday El Hajj Malik El Shabazz! What Would Malcolm Do? Before you jump into the BLITZ take some time to understand that when you stand for truth you should ‘have no fear of anybody or anything!  Be like Mike Malcolm


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Two Sons Were Born Days Apart

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The U.S. Secret Service Blasts Fox News After Creating Twitter Account

30% Of Americans Have Never Been Married; The Largest Percentage In 60 Years

U.S. Navy Ship Named After Cesar Chavez

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I Am Malcolm X: El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Documentary (Video)

El Hajj Malik El Shabazz also known to the world as Malcolm X left us over 40 years ago today, but his lessons are still clear & important today. We are all Malcolm X in our own way….Mos Def-initely. There are about 14 parts to this documentary but I posted a few more under the hood…..

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Mos Def Reads A Malcolm X Speech From 1963 (Video)

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