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Michael Jai White Speaks On Being Addicted To The Streets And Having Violent Thoughts (Video)

Wow. Never really thought of Michael Jai White coming from the streets like that. Sure he has an edge that comes through in his acting, but according to what he is telling Vlad it is coming from a real gangsta-influenced background. He just went the other way in his life.

In this clip, Michael Jai White detailed his tough upbringing and the time he spent in the streets. Michael said that he loved fighting growing up and was addicted to the street life. He revealed that he’d been in 12 shootouts over the course of his life and explained how he ended up taking guns from adversaries after beating them up.
– DJ Vlad

And dude loved to fight. So much so he would rather be in a gang fight than hook up with the finest Honey in town! His words. Watch the clip.

(At least he gets to do both as ‘Black Dynamite.’ Ha!)

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Black Is Back! Listen To Bullhorn Tell You About It In This “Black Dynamite 2” Teaser (Trailer)

Sho’ya-daaaamn’right, baby!!! This is a sequel that will make you salivate… or at least spit out what you are drinking. “Black Dynamite” was hilarious, and I have high expectations for the sequel.

Oh, yeah. There’s a “Black Dynamite” sequel coming. And there’s a trailer up for it right now.

(The pseudonyms in the cast listing at the end though. All the old footage though. And wtf is cinemaphonic quadrovision? Bwaaahahaaaa!)


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