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Comedy: President Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney Rap Battle (Video)

Wowww! That beat knocks… and former Governor ‘Mitt Romney’ knocks President ‘Barack Obama’ in the video above. Are you going to take that ‘Mr. President’? He took a shot at wifey – First Lady Michelle! Get him, Prez. The streets iz watchin’! Well… the U.S. is watching… okay, we are watching the video above right now! Enjoy the Epic Rap Battle – Obama vs. Romney. Touch mics… LET’S GO!

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Politics/Comedy: Jon Stewart Calls Bullsh** on Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan (Video)

Trust them. Republican candidates for U.S. President and Vice President, former Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan, have a budget plan. What’s that? You want details and numbers? Come on, we don’t have time for them to explain his numbers. Just trust that Mr. Ryan has run them, and they are sound. Sound good?

Well, on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart more than implied that that sounds… smells… like BULL-to-the-SHI… er… MALARKEY (as Vice President Joe Biden said)! Do you, American citizen, trust – without any disclosure or independent review of the numbers – that the Romney/Ryan budget will do all that they promise? DON’T! Take a lesson from history… and the video above.

(Oh, and by the way, ‘that guy’ did win. Watch the video.)

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Former ‘Reading Rainbow’ Host Levar Burton Speaks on Romney’s Promise to Cut PBS Funding (Video)

Levar Burton is not alone in his outrage over U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s debate declaration – that he would cut funding for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) – but Burton went a step further in expressing it. Burton says it was, in effect, a declaration of war on underprivileged children!

On Soledad O’Brien‘s “Starting Point” (video from CNN above), Burton continued:

“I couldn’t believe the man actually fixed his mouth to say that. I interpreted it as an attack on children, Soledad…an attack on children who come from a disenfranchised, you know, background.”

To Burton, PBS shows, such as ‘Sesame Street,’ provide lower-income children with access to education and information that they normally wouldn’t have access to.

Now, I enjoy PBS programming; but I am a full-grown, educated, man. I can ‘do without.’ But when Burton focuses on the impact to children’s access to educational programming…well, it should give us all pause. Now, in the interest of fairness, see for yourself what Romney actually said the night of the first Presidential debate after the jump.

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Comedy: Stephen Colbert ‘Clarifies’ Mitt Romney’s Position On President Obama’s Supporters (Video)

Hahaaa! Comedy Central’s resident ‘Conservative’ Stephen Colbert goes IN… I mean he ‘helps’ Mitt Romney out of the mess created by this week’s release of video recorded at a private Republican fundraiser in May 2012. Many (read: anyone with functioning eyes and ears) understood the video to be a record of Mitt Romney dismissing President Obama’s supporters as freeloaders and mindless moochers who expect government to provide for all their needs.

Now, what (besides watching the video) would give people that idea? Well, maybe they got it from Mr. Romney himself – stating at a press conference that what folks gathered from the secret video recording is EXACTLY what he meant! The REAL problem is that the message was delivered off-the-cuff; not as eloquently as it should have been stated. Well, Stephen Colbert has stepped in to save the day – redelivering the message in a ‘refined’ manner worthy of the Romney candidacy. Take a look at this Colbert Report clip… and TRY not to laugh. Stephen is a fool. Hilarious!

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