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Stephen Colbert Speaks On Former U.S. Veep Joe Biden Is “Doin’ It Donkey Style” (Video)

Good title on the YouTube clip, ‘Joe Biden Is Making Donald Trump Nervous.’ Plus, this is hilarious for several other reasons. Welcome to Campaign 2020, Uncle Joe!

Joe Biden kicked off his 2020 campaign with a rally on Monday. And Donald Trump was watching.
– The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

President Trump might need to keep worrying about ‘Sleepy Joe.’ He is ‘woke’ and ready for the fight!


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The White House Welcomes The 2016 NBA Champions Cleveland Cavaliers (Video)

Come back from a 3-1 situation to win the NBA Finals… and a trip to the White House. How dope is that?

Please watch footage from the Cavs visit with the U.S. President and First Lady, as well as Vice President Joe Biden. And reeeeally watch as Present Obama daps-and-back-pats the bruhs while offering ‘official’ handshakes to the rest. Just like on Key & Peele. Hahaa!

Respect and honor to the veterans assembled there, and to all who’ve served. Just like First Lady Michelle Obama and the Cavs showed.

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Joe Biden And Colin Powell Race Their Cars. Who You Got? (Video)

Well, would you look at that! Joe Biden and Colin Powell have found a way to settle things… on the road with the engine wide open! Who knew General Powell was such a speed demon; that Vice President Biden was such a classic car buff. Jay Leno gets props for pulling this together and pulling it off. Okay, I mean Jay AND the U.S. Secret Service.

(Their track, their rules right? NOT! Gun it, Mr. Vice President. Pedal to the metal!)


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Politics/Comedy: Jon Stewart Calls Bullsh** on Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan (Video)

Trust them. Republican candidates for U.S. President and Vice President, former Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan, have a budget plan. What’s that? You want details and numbers? Come on, we don’t have time for them to explain his numbers. Just trust that Mr. Ryan has run them, and they are sound. Sound good?

Well, on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart more than implied that that sounds… smells… like BULL-to-the-SHI… er… MALARKEY (as Vice President Joe Biden said)! Do you, American citizen, trust – without any disclosure or independent review of the numbers – that the Romney/Ryan budget will do all that they promise? DON’T! Take a lesson from history… and the video above.

(Oh, and by the way, ‘that guy’ did win. Watch the video.)

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