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EPMD Speaks On Making ‘West Coast Type’ Hip-Hop And Not Even Knowing It (Video)

Erick and Parrish Making Dollars (and music, on stage)… STILL! Check out the dope EPMD interview.

Erick Sermon And Parrish Smith of EPMD Check In With Noah Ayala To Talk How They Managed To Stay Together As A Duo, The Influence Of West Coast Music, And How They Are Still Doing Shows After 30 Years.
– 935 KDAY

And an EPMD shoe release?? Nice.

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Unfinished Business For Real: EPMD Has A Sit-Down With ‘Drink Champs’ (Video)

Man! Beef with the G.O.D.M.C.? With the R?? How does that even jump off? Well, Erick & Parrish will tell you, over drinks, with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. That and so much more, if you will only press play. And watch!

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EPMD Performs “So Wat Cha Sayin'” Live (Video)

So I come across Web 2.0 gold this weekend. Facebook, in its artificial intelligence wisdom, saw fit to bless my stream with this performance vid of two vets doing the damn thing! So what I’m saying is I got EPMD on stage doing “So Wat Cha Sayin'” all cued up for you. Just press play and get your Golden Era Hip-Hop appreciation on.


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EPMD Performing Live In London (Video)

Looks like EPMD are back like they never left. Erick Sermon, Parrish Smith, & DJ Scratch rocked the UK crowd a few days ago. Maybe they should change their name to ‘EPME’…… ‘Erick & Parish Making Euros’ or ‘Erick & Parish Making Pounds’