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Comedy: The Mannings ‘Fantasy’ – Coming Live And DIRECT With The Flows (Video)

Confirmed. Every athlete wants to be a rapper… EVERY… athlete. So, finally the Brothers Manning (Peyton and Eli) admit and act on the fantasy… together! HILARIOUS! Relax, it’s a spoof video for a fantasy…football league. It’s not like they’ll retire soon with major accomplishments in the sport, money, and a lot of time on their hands to pursue a post-NFL passion.

Uh oh.

Okaaaay… we HOPE it’s a spoof video. Really…It’s for a DirecTV Fantasy Football ad (this time).

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Bootsy Collins – “Peyton Manning’s Passing Your Way” (Video)

Hahaa! This is a creative flip of the Christmas classic “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” by maestro de funk Bootsy.

Funk legend Bootsy Collins performs a new holiday classic from the December issue of Sports Illustrated Kids.

SI Kids

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Comedy: NFL QB Brothers Peyton & Eli Manning Debut Hilarious New Video For ‘Football On Your Phone’ (Video)

Yeah! Rap with a message. Even the NFL’s Peyton and Eli Manning know it is important to have a message within the music. “It’s football on your phone.” How’s that for a message?

Hahaaaa! The Manning boys are flow-nomenal (and funny) in this one… even getting their dad (Archie) in this crazy DirecTV’s NFL Sunday commercial.

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Comedy: Peyton Manning ‘F*@k U’ Cee-Lo Parody (Video)

Looks like the Tennessee Titans fans weren’t too happy about Peyton Manning not giving them a chance when he signed with the Denver “Broke Back Mountain” Broncos. Hahahaaa!