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Comedy: The Mannings ‘Fantasy’ – Coming Live And DIRECT With The Flows (Video)

Confirmed. Every athlete wants to be a rapper… EVERY… athlete. So, finally the Brothers Manning (Peyton and Eli) admit and act on the fantasy… together! HILARIOUS! Relax, it’s a spoof video for a fantasy…football league. It’s not like they’ll retire soon with major accomplishments in the sport, money, and a lot of time on their hands to pursue a post-NFL passion.

Uh oh.

Okaaaay… we HOPE it’s a spoof video. Really…It’s for a DirecTV Fantasy Football ad (this time).

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Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) ‘Dreams’ In Louis Vuitton Commercial (Video)

I’ve never been a person very big on fashion, but one of my favorite artists, actors, & social activists Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def has me checking for Louis Vuitton a little more after appearing in their new ‘Dream’ ad. Yasiin Bey doesn’t just endorse anything like many of your favorite rap artists & celebrities who promote every type of cheap liquor or product that they rarely if ever use or believe in. Respect to Yasiin Bey because upon me hearing that he was appearing in an ad for Louis Vuitton I had a comforting feeling that not only would the ad be done well, but that he truly believes in the product. Now that’s a solid endorsement for Louis Vuitton among a certain segment of the community more than any other artist or athlete could give to their brand that money couldn’t buy. It’s a good look for both parties that makes sense.
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Nike Basketball: ‘The Ring Maker’ (Video)

LeBron and the ring maker go way back to the days of Akron afros and high school dunks. When one sliced through the paint, the other carved through wax. Together, their journey has proven that even those destined for greatness have to earn it.”

Just do it.

50 Cent & Joan Rivers Get ‘Energized’ In New ‘Street King’ Ad (Video)

50 Cent’s is shooting new ads for his Street King energy shot & one of the surprises in one of his upcoming commercials is the appearance of comedienne Joan Rivers who makes an appearance. Access Hollywood managed to capture everything that was taking place behind the scenes.

Imported From Detroit: Dr. Dre’s Chrysler Commercial (Video)

The quote in used in this new Chrysler commercial starring Dr. Dre is soooo classic & accurate. No matter if you’re Lebron James or Joe Blow from a small town in Alabama. If you’re waiting on good things to come to you then you’ll be waiting for a pretty long time.

Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken Commercial (Video)