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President Trump Wants To Create A U.S. “Space Force” (Video)

Nope. Not a joke. Yep. The President of the United States said this. Now, I am not one to clown far-out ideas. And this idea the President kind of ‘stumbled upon’ is not really all that far out. Of course, he might have a wee bit more credibility if he still had the mega-billionaire futurist Elon Musk at his side. You know, the guy who is actually putting his own money and rep on deep space travel (e.g. the SpaceX mission to Mars).

But um… they part ways a good while ago (more here).


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NASA Exploring Ways That Humans Could Colonize Venus (Video)

Space exploration. Living somewhere other than Earth. Always an interesting discussion topic.

We talk about colonizing Mars. Then someone chimes in, “What about the moon?” But why aren’t we talking about Venus, the other planetary neighbor. Maybe we go take a look. Maybe NASA is coming up with ways we could look, and live, over there. Nah, not maybe. NASA is definitely on it!

NASA Langley researchers want to get a better idea about conditions on our nearest planetary neighbor, Venus, so they have come up with HAVOC or a High Altitude Venus Operational Concept – a lighter-than-air rocket ship that would help send two astronauts on a 30-day mission to explore the planet’s atmosphere. Exploration of Venus is a challenge not only because its smog-like sulfuric acid-laced atmosphere, but also its extremely hot surface temperature and extremely high air pressure on the surface.

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Tells Stephen Colbert: ‘We Should Go To Mars’ (Video)

Elon Musk (aka Marvel Comics’ character Tony Starks come to life) recently interviewed with Stephen Colbert, telling him that he is “aspiring to send people to Mars.” Of course, the billionaire who owns SpaceX has had his eyes on out-of-this-world travel, but his reasoning is intriguing. Worth watching the above clip for.

“…humanity as we know it is likely to propagate into the future much further than if we are a single-planet species…[It’s] life insurance, collectively…It would be the greatest adventure ever…really exciting and inspiring…it’s possible to transform Mars into an Earth-like planet.”

Very cool.

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