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Filmmaker And Tech Enthusiast Pete Majarich Gives Us A Look At The ‘Surface Of Mars’… From Utah (Short Film)

Uh ohhh. Elon Musk, we have a problem.

There are still moon-landing deniers around who claim that all that video of that American space trip was faked. And this short film “The Visitor” (by Australian filmmaker Pete Majarich) is an even more appealing, amazing, look at a trip to what looks to be a ‘red’ planet.

This was shot in a southern Utah desert. Confirmed (hit the jump and see). So, if we make the Mars trip… proving it… could be a problem!

(But this is a cool tech-driven flick though. No problem with that.)

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Snoop Dogg – “Dis Finna Be A Breeze” feat. HahaDavis (Prod. By Niggarachi x Mars Mars x Franco Valli) [Video]

Bumping and serving! The Cali and the Henny would have the average swerving. But to Snoop and HahaDavis“Dis Finna Be A Breeze”… Music, trees, and keys please!

Ha! Uncle Snoop gave dude a collision course in that life!


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Elon Musk Updates The 2017 International Astronautical Congress On The SpaceX Mission To Mars (Video)

Elon Musk is going to Mars. You know that, right? We have been saying it here. But this visual presentation… Okay, you know when a planned trip starts getting real? When you have real talk about how to get there and how to PAY for it. Click play above and watch Musk get real right from the start.

Elon Musk gives new details about SpaceX Mission to Mars at the 2017 International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia and reveals plans to shorten most long distance travels to less than 30 minutes. September 2017.
– Expovista TV

Full disclosure: There is a lot of science & tech in this talk, but you can hang. Press play and get excited about the future of space travel!

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Mars: To Boldly Go Where No Human Has Gone Before, Space X Will Need To Get A Lander Up And The Cost Of Relocating To Mars Down (Video)

Wow, so SpaceX is launching its manned Mars lander in 2020? Wow. The goal of ‘making humans a multi-planetary species’ seems kind of far out, and that is the point. Mars is the next planet over, sure, but it ain’t just “next door.” It is far out there.

SpaceX Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer Elon Musk will discuss the long-term technical challenges that need to be solved to support the creation of a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars. The technical presentation will focus on potential architectures for sustaining humans on the Red Planet that industry, government and the scientific community can collaborate on in the years ahead.
– SpaceX

Interesting. Musk is the first big wig in space matters to address why we are trying to just go back to the moon… It is not a good candidate for terraforming (e.g. we cannot make an Earth-like planet of it). Watch the presentation above and read a bit more below.


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Pioneer Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Takes Viewers to Mars (Video)

Excuse you please. It is Dr. Aldrin. Respect! Credited with being on the first team to set foot on the moon, now Buzz Aldrin has set his sights further… as in Destination: Mars.

Buzz Aldrin wants to be remembered for more than just “kicking up moon dust.” He wants his legacy to include laying the groundwork for a permanent human settlement on Mars, and he has a plan. As NASA prepares to send the first humans to Mars, 8i and Time Inc’s LIFE VR have collaborated with the celebrated astronaut and historical icon to create a one of a kind virtual reality experience. In Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars, journey with Dr. Aldrin from his landing site on the moon to Mars as shows you first hand his plan for inhabiting the Red Planet.

So, Aldrin wants in on colonizing Mars. Yep, looks like Buzz wants to make humans Martians sooner than later. Watch his 360 visuals on that above. Making of video is embedded after the jump for your further edification.

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Nipsey Hussle – “Status Symbol 2” feat. Buddy (Video)

A few weeks after the audio dropped, here goes the visual. Going just as hard! This is Nipsey Hussle – featuring Buddy – on “Status Symbol 2.” Production by Mike & Keys, DJ Khalil, Mars and Tariq Beats (with additional work from 1500 or Nothin’).


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Nipsey Hussle – “Status Symbol 2” feat. Buddy

Cali going HARD Mike & Keys, DJ Khalil, Mars and Tariq Beats… and additional work from 1500 or Nothin’. Nipsey Hussle and Buddy doing WORK on this “Status Symbol 2” joint. And love the artwork for this one. Sex, drugs and violence. Sign me up!


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T.I. – “Project Steps” (Video)

Brand new black & white video directed by Philly Fly Boy for T.I.’s latest single ‘Project Steps.’ Definitely diggin’ this song produced by Mars of the L.A. based production team & band “1500 or Nothin”. Detroit representer Trick Trick is among a few of the cameos that appear in this video which undoubtedly includes some of T.I.’s Hustle Gang crew. The song reminds me of one of my favorite Tupac classics called Pain.’   T.I. doing it for 2015 & of course the dream-like street clip was shot here in Atlanta.


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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Tells Stephen Colbert: ‘We Should Go To Mars’ (Video)

Elon Musk (aka Marvel Comics’ character Tony Starks come to life) recently interviewed with Stephen Colbert, telling him that he is “aspiring to send people to Mars.” Of course, the billionaire who owns SpaceX has had his eyes on out-of-this-world travel, but his reasoning is intriguing. Worth watching the above clip for.

“…humanity as we know it is likely to propagate into the future much further than if we are a single-planet species…[It’s] life insurance, collectively…It would be the greatest adventure ever…really exciting and inspiring…it’s possible to transform Mars into an Earth-like planet.”

Very cool.

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R&B: Mars – “I’m About My Grind” featuring Nipsey Hussle

Unreleased until now. Uncelebrated no more. Check out this Mars x Nip Hussle collabo called “I’m About My Grind.”


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Challenges Of Getting To Mars: Curiosity’s 7 Minutes Of Terror (Video)

With the recent success of NASA landing the Curiousity Rover on Mars, we were reminded by Jose3030 of just what it took for NASA to make the mission a complete success. In the above video Team members at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory share the challenges of the Curiosity Mars rover’s final minutes to landing on the surface of Mars. Although there was no real physical terror for any person involved with this mission, the real terror would have been if it had failed considering over $2 Billion invested dollars was on the line with the project.

Aaron Hall – ‘Curiosity’ feat. Redman (Marley Marl Remix)

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