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Lord Jamar Is NOT A Fan Of LaLa Anthony’s Nude Scenes On ‘Power’ (Video)

Lord Jamar speaks with realness, whether you are I agree or not. Random ass & tit flashing, online or in person, likely doesn’t affect him like he says… but see how the discomfort level goes way past 10 when talking about LaLa’s bare ta-ta’s getting all that attention on STARZ. His problem: He’s cool with NBA baller Carmelo Anthony, and La’s Golden Globes are supposed to be for Melo’s eyes only; not pay per view in any way.

And that “it’s just acting” explanation… Miss him with that.

(Oh, Jamar talks about other stuff while he’s there. You can watch the whole interview after the jump.)


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Watch Sunday’s NYC #GoTopless Parade 2016 (Video)

You know how folks say, “It is what it is.” Here it, well, they are what it is all about. Naked breasts… all the way down to the nipple… all throughout the streets of Manhattan, New York, and [actually] various other places in the U.S.A. It is a peaceful protest for women’s rights to not be criminalized if they choose to go topless. Currently, men can; and it is no big thing (no big law against it).

On August 28, 2016, the women’s rights organization GoTopless held Go Topless Pride Parades and other events in New York, Los Angeles and over 60 other cities worldwide for the 9th annual GoTopless Day.

Surprising thing you will realize moments after watching: It’s just another parade… not even a protest. They’re boobs; women’s and men’s. Some folks are even pushing strollers. Perhaps, the biggest thing to gawk at is how this whole event is a relative non-event… perhaps, as it should be.

(Of course, I have NO problem admitting that I clicked to see some big ole breasteses… but that’s just me, I’m sure.)



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Fox News: Staring At Women’s Breasts Is Good For Men’s Health

According to Fox News, a new study claims it’s healthy for Men to stare at women’s breasts. And we all know just how accurate Fox News is with their reporting. I wonder if its the same if you stared at the asses of black video vixens. Either way we’re all about to go out & get healthier……