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What Happens When A Fan Finally Catches Up To ‘Ghost’ (Video)

Hahaaa! He went from Omari to “Ghost” real quick! The fan quickly got ‘learnt a lesson’… It might not be ‘just a show’ but it is definitely not a game! #ChokedHimOut #WithPOWER

(Watch right to the end! They got to an understanding real quick. Dude pushed Omari’s button, and Omari pushed his. HILARIOUS!)


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What Happens When A Fan Finally Catches Up To ‘Tariq’ (Video)

It’s not a show, Tariq!

Bwaaaahahaaaa! This is HILARIOUS! I’ve watched this clip featuring Michael Rainey, Jr. (aka ‘Tariq’ from “Power” on Starz) dozens of times by now, and I still chuckle. He’s a good sport about it seems. And that’s a good thing. Because folks have real heat for Tariq in these streets (haha)!

(Did you catch the season that just wrapped though. Epic! Bingeworthy if you have not seen it yet.)


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‘Tasha’ & ‘Tommy’ Talk About Season 5 Of The Starz Original Series “Power” (Video)

Wow, Angela Yee, sistas out here suffering PTSD from these dudes cheating on them?? Ooookay. But on to the biz: ‘POWER’ RETURNS SUNDAY!! Watch sexy azz Naturi and crazy azz Joseph talk it up.

Naturi Naughton & Joseph Sikora Talk ‘Power’ Season 5, Most Hated Characters + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Rapsody – “Power” feat. Kendrick Lamar x Lance Skiiiwalker (Video)

Rapsody answers her own question: What is “Power” (with an assist from Kendrick Lamar & Lance Skiiiwalker) in the dopest way… in visual form here!


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Lord Jamar Is NOT A Fan Of LaLa Anthony’s Nude Scenes On ‘Power’ (Video)

Lord Jamar speaks with realness, whether you are I agree or not. Random ass & tit flashing, online or in person, likely doesn’t affect him like he says… but see how the discomfort level goes way past 10 when talking about LaLa’s bare ta-ta’s getting all that attention on STARZ. His problem: He’s cool with NBA baller Carmelo Anthony, and La’s Golden Globes are supposed to be for Melo’s eyes only; not pay per view in any way.

And that “it’s just acting” explanation… Miss him with that.

(Oh, Jamar talks about other stuff while he’s there. You can watch the whole interview after the jump.)


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Donshea Hopkins Speaks On Life Before, During, And After ‘Power’ (Video)

Hope you’ve caught up on your Showtime viewing by now. In particular, I hope you already know what happened on this past Sunday’s episode of “Power.”


Well, the ‘Big Rich Town’ is a very sad place. The violent storm has finally taken someone that EVERYONE will miss: Ghost’s beautiful baby girl is gone. Reina (played by Donshea Hopkins) has fallen. And the “Power” watchers will tune in next week for two reasons… (1) to see what that damnable brother of hers, Tariq, is gonna do and (2) to see what Ghost & Tommy are gonna do (holyyyyy sh!t)!

But don’t cry too, too much for Reina… and you should only shed tears of joy for Donshea. She has been acting practically since right after she could walk. And she has a couple of roles she might revisit (like the series that put Netflix on the map, “Orange Is The New Black”). Click play and tune into Donshea’s radio interview embedded above for the skinny on all that and more!


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CeeLo Green – “Power” feat. Tone Trump (Video)

Gangsta smooth music goes hella hard. This new CeeLo just might about be ready to blow. Damn dope job of taking a ‘soft song’ and roughing it up. Y’all young’uns might not remember that “Muscle” song from Diana Ross back in the day, but CeeLo and Tone must’ve. And this move is tried and true ATL stuff… remember how Bonecrusher flipped that Adina Howard (“Freak Like Me”) for his “Never Scared” hit?

Dope visuals, too.

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MC Eiht Speaks On Suge Knight, Staying Humble On The Come Up And More (Video)

Comptons Most Wanted MC Eiht knows and lets the words flow freely about Suge Knight – success as a rap mogul to current hit-and-run and murder charges he faces. His views on what caused the downfall of Tha Row’s capo…

“Money and power will side-track the sh!t out of you if you ain’t the type of motherf#cker who knows how to handle power and money.”

Eiht continues.

“If you be humble, then motherf#ckers will know that. If you be the terrorizer, sh!t gone follow you until one day you gone be in the terror. It’s just the cycle of the world, man. Nobody thinks that sh!t is true, but it’s true.”

Get your money and stay humble and even-handed. Words from someone who knows. Worth watching and heeding.

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Edo G – “Power” (Video)


Edo G, certified Golden Era emcee repping Beantown (Boston, USA), is coming with a full-length project  entitled “Intelligence & Ignorance” (due out February 5, 2013). Here is a video (directed by @MysterDL for ILL Mannered Films) for a single from the project – “Power.”

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