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Unsung: Brand Nubian (Full Episode)

Man. Don’t let it go to your head… noooo.

Now, this is heady episode of ‘Unsung’ so expect a couple of damn-I-had-no-idea moments (pretty much standard for ‘Unsung’). Might bring back Golden Era sweet memories, but it wasn’t all sweet. Check out the Brand Nubian story above.

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DJ Vlad & Lord Jamar Talk, But Not On Vlad TV. And Rah Digga Takes Vlad To Task (Video)

Usually ‘a disembodied voice’ that no one sees… Lord Jamar’s homie DJ Vlad finally makes it over to the Yanadameen Godcast in front of the camera. Certainly a welcome guest, but the visit wasn’t warm daps and hugs. Watch and see some real [solemn] talk about halfway through.

With Lord Jamar having become somewhat of a staple on VladTV, the face behind the voice has finally come around to the Yanadameen Godcast to be on the other side of the questions (0:59). In this episode, Vlad talks about the beginnings of VladTV (3:53) and Rah Digga asks how the infamous Vlad/Lord Jamar videos came to be in the first place (5:35). Vlad gives some insight into his background and his early foray into Hip-Hop (9:13) before Rah Digga puts to him that his platform perpetuates and fuels a lot of the negative aspects in Hip-Hop that many people work tirelessly to put an end to (16:22).
– Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar & Rah Digga

Good interview/talk.

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Rah Digga And Lord Jamar Sit Down With Two Of Philly’s Finest: RJ Payne & Mad Squablz (Video)

‘Lyrics Matter’ esp. in this episode! Mad Squablz is someone I have been following for quite some time… and dude got BARZ for yards and yards! He and RJ Payne are on the Godcast repping Philly well.

In an era when it seems that so-called “mumble” rap is thriving and lyricism is on the critically endangered list, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga welcome to the Yanadameen Godcast two of Philly’s finest spitters in RJ Payne and Mad Squablz. Find out how both artists got into Hip-Hop and honed their skills, then turn the volume all the way up as they drop absolute fire on solo freestyles before closing out with an unrehearsed back-to-back which will have you reaching for the fire extinguisher!
– Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar & Rah Digga


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Rah Digga, Lord Jamar, And Godfrey Get Into A Real Independence Day Conversation (Trailer)

Another ep of “Yanadameen.” Godfrey is a frequenter over on VladTV, as is Lord Jamar. Jamar gets up with the brother and brings him onto the Godcast. Got it!

Rah Digga puts a series of topical questions to Lord Jamar and Godfrey to get their thoughts in typically raw and unfiltered fashion. The first talking point is the protestor who scaled the Statue of Liberty in protest against President Trump’s hardline immigration policies; Godfrey praises the actions of the protestor but takes a moment to call out Mexicans for their anti-Black racism and highlight the fact that they’re getting their wake-up call now with Trump in office. Rah Digga also asks about the incident between Dame Dash and Lee Daniels over a 2 MILLION DOLLAR loan/investment. Was it right for Dame to step to Daniels like this?
– Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar & Rah Digga

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Lord Jamar And Rah Digga Speak On Female Rappers, The Florida School Shooting, “Black Panther” And Nutrition (Video)

Lord Jamar and Rah Digga doing real talk for The Culture. Very relevant, ‘woke’ enough in the right way. Yeah, this “Yanadameen” Godcast (nice wordplay) should be worth an add to your listen rotation (if you have not already).

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Lord Jamar Is NOT A Fan Of LaLa Anthony’s Nude Scenes On ‘Power’ (Video)

Lord Jamar speaks with realness, whether you are I agree or not. Random ass & tit flashing, online or in person, likely doesn’t affect him like he says… but see how the discomfort level goes way past 10 when talking about LaLa’s bare ta-ta’s getting all that attention on STARZ. His problem: He’s cool with NBA baller Carmelo Anthony, and La’s Golden Globes are supposed to be for Melo’s eyes only; not pay per view in any way.

And that “it’s just acting” explanation… Miss him with that.

(Oh, Jamar talks about other stuff while he’s there. You can watch the whole interview after the jump.)


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Lord Jamar Asks Why Is Funkmaster Flex Is Dissing 2Pac Now And Not Back Then When He Was Alive (Video)

Remembering… There was a BET interview – back, back in the day – where then Death Row CEO Suge Knight was getting out after a bid and was addressing people who had gotten brave and talked big talk about him while he was locked away. He coldly looked into the lens and said [pretty much], “Be bad enough to say it to my face when I’m in yours.” Well, on any ‘fly talk’ Funk Flex had to say about the late Tupac Shakur, Lord Jamar is making the same point; plainly, not cold but real talk. Right or wrong, why speak ill of 2Pac now that he is gone.

Funk Flex recently made waves in the hip-hop community with his comments about 2Pac, and Lord Jamar is in agreeance with T.I. and others that Flex shouldn’t be talking down on a dead person. Jamar went on to say that he doesn’t understand why Flex is coming out with this now and not when 2Pac was still alive, but he questions whether it had something to do with his money being messed up back in the day.

Later in the clip, Lord Jamar spoke about rumors he heard that 2Pac did shoot himself in Quad Studios the night that he was shot, but it was only because he kept his gun off of safety in case a situation arose. To hear more, watch the above clip.

DJ Vlad

And it is certainly fair if Flex rebuts that truth is truth, even after one has passed. And there is timing to consider… just watch. Lots to unpack.

(For perspective, check out the Flex and T.I. clips and snips regarding all this after the jump.)


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Lord Jamar Speaks On President Trump, Kanye West Wanting “In” The White House And More (Video)

Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar is a VladTV regular. Usually comes through provacative & entertaining interviews. Some have that crazy-enough-to-make-scary-sense feel, though, like this one. He touches on Donald Trump’s tendency to Tweet off cuff, while in his feelings… thoughts on Black celebs like Jim Brown and Kanye West meeting with Trump.

Hmmm… Kanye gets dissed as a ‘jackass’ when President Obama was in the White House AND Jay Z and Beyonce were always welcome. Yeezy might be thinking about ‘hitting back’ with visits and while The Trumps run the place?

Interesting viewpoint, Lord Jamar. Interesting…

(Talk about The ‘West’ Wing… Yeezus H. Kanye!)

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Lord Jamar Speaks Bling, Bootlegging, Black People Not F**king With Politics And More (Video)

Lord Jamar is a VladTV mainstay, known to get live for the camera. Now, in front of a live audience on camera, you think he’s gonna change up? Um… the answer is heeelllllll no! Dude starts this clip even keel but goes raw soon enough.

Earlier this year Lord Jamar sat down for a VladTV interview in front of a live audience and he remembered back to a time in rap when it wasn’t cool to wear big chains or be flashy. The Brand Nubian rapper explained that he stopped wearing jewelry because he didn’t want to promote drug culture, adding, “We wanted to be on some positive s***.”

Later, the conversation shifts to politics, as Lord Jamar shares his thoughts on why he believes Hillary Clinton was promised a presidency back when the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal hit. To hear more of what he had to say on the situation, including why he believes Trump is doing good whether he wins or loses, hit the above clip.

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Consequence – “Killer” feat. Sadat X & Lord Jamar (Of Brand Nubian)

Consequence put down a track and called in Brand Nubian bros Sadat X and Lord Jamar to get his back for this “Killer” jawn. Hear the choral chant and tribal drumming driving the sound? Dope! Look for this one on Consequence’s forthcoming “Growing Up In New York” EP (due out June 2016).


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Lord Jamar Agrees With A$AP Yams: “2014 Could BeThe Worst Ever” (Video)

Whew, ! Well, A$AP Yams said it. And Lord Jamar pretty much seconded it. He kinda made some points. Ask yourself… Did 2014 mark the release of any instant classics in Hip-Hop? Name ’em. Now, how many trash LPs can you name? Wow. You might not want to speak on it (too painful for Hip-Hop heads); but Lord Jamar (of Brand Nubian fame) will. Don’t worry. Watch.

But there is hope for the future… I’m trying to do my part…
Lord Jamar

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Cormega x Inspectah Deck x Roc Marciano x Sadat X x Lord Jamar – “Industry” (Deluxe Remix)

Now that’s a lot of damn East Coast emcee’ing on a track. Golden Era to up-n-comers on a Deluxe Remix of the Large Professor masterpiece, “Industry” (originally off the Cormega x Large Pro LP “Mega Philosophy”). Click play to stream Cormega, Inspectah Deck (of Wu Tang Clan), Roc Marciano, and two of the Brand Nubian (Sadat X & Lord Jamar) go in!


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Lord Jamar Speaks On Kanye West Wearing The Confederate Flag (Video)

Yeezus, Lord Jamar doesn’t get it? Could you please explain what you’re doing? With your rebel flag tee shirt and such?

‘I don’t know what that sh!t is all about. I would never wear that sh!t Know what I mean? And I hope no Black people would wear no shit like that…’

Lord Jamar

Oh yeah. That was just the start of the clip… packed with opinions and orneriness from the Brand Nubian member.

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Lord Jamar Of Brand Nubian Speaks On How The Music Industry Is Pushing A Gay Agenda (Video)

‘Rap is gay-friendly. Rap is rich-friendly… There’s a lot of people with money that happen to be homosexual.’

Lord Jamar (of Brand Nubian)

Wow. Suffice it to say, Lord Jamar speaks his mind. He says rap ‘speaks for the haves, where Hip-Hop speaks for the have-nots.’ Above, the emcee speaks VERY deliberately about the difference between ‘rap’ and ‘Hip-Hop’ and about what Hip-Hop is and is not. He also declares who has the right to say what Hip-Hop is and those who do not. Jamar apparently sees rising music star Macklemore as an avatar for what he’d call the gay agenda in rap. Watch the clip as Lord Jamar speaks (plainly) for himself.

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Bishop Lamont – “Hope Music” feat. Lord Jamar

bishop-lamontMessage music. Bishop Lamont just in time to save the day… with the good word with his single entitled “Hope Music” (featuring Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian). Track produced by Paul Cabin.