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Journalist Bob Woodward Speaks President Trump’s Relationship With The Media And His Comments On Recent Tragedies (Video)

When it comes to having a seat at the table in political discussions, Bob Woodard’s place is saved permanently (see “Watergate,” because we would not have seen it, or President Nixon resigning because of it, without his reporting)! Maybe he is just echoing what is already constantly said about President Trump, but I will ALWAYS lean in when this guy is speaking on something. Perspectives like his are NEEDED in our world today.


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Nate Robinson: Is A Pro Football Career A Slam Dunk For The Former NBA All-Star? (Video)

You’ve watched sports contests on the tube, and from time to time likely thought, “Look at the big man. He could bowl ’em over on the field as easily as he bangs down low to the bucket,” or… “Dude can move! Even at his size, he’s dunking over the crossbar AFTER leaving everybody 20 yards behind!”

Let’s call them crossover [football or basketball] ballers. Now, who among the retired greats of one sport do you think could come back and do the damn thang in the other? Quickly… times up! How about Nate Robinson? Is anybody thinking Nate Robinson can do it? Well, Nate is…and he could give a damn whether you agree or not.

Nate Robinson, the three time Slam Dunk champion and one of the most dynamic athletes in NBA history is considering a run at the NFL. Friends (Jamal Crawford, Glen Davis), former coaches (Rick Neuheisel), and NFLers (Marcedes Lewis, Brendon Ayanbadejo) think Nate has what it takes. Do you?

Could Nate be that next-level crossover baller? Looks like we are about to find out!

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