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Imagine A 600-Square-Foot Mansion. Look At This Tiny House (Video)

Japan’s Horinouchi House makes 600 square feet seem like a bona fide mansion.
– Digital Trends

I guess I’m weird when it comes to the desire for a big house and the acres… I actually have flights of fantasy about a tiny home; maybe on a big plot of land, but big being like an acre or less. Plus, I’d rather have one really good toilet in my tiny mansion than four mediocre ones in a big ‘un.

(Too much? Yes? Maybe?)

But check this dream house (in my mind) out. Dope!


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How Did Teenager Luke Thill Afford His Own Home? Well, He Started By Mowing Lawns (Video)

Not bad. Actually, kind of very cool! Think back to when I was 13… Was I doing anything remotely this bright? Nah. Not anywhere near. Hahaaa!

Now, you armchair conservationists and construction engineers should take note: (1) Luke’s built and “financed” this house on his own, (2) using LOTS of reclaimed/repurposed material, (3) for less than $1500, and (4) HE IS 13 YEARS OLD!

Meet Luke Thill, who at age twelve started working on his very own tiny house- one a mere 5′ by 10′, but with a sleep loft, transforming dining table, and even a small kitchenette. At age thirteen, using money from summer lawn-mowing jobs, and bartering (electrical wiring help in exchange for cleaning out a garage in one case), Iowa’s Thill completed his tiny house – one that he calls the practice precursor to a future “real” tiny house he plans on designing and eventually living in.
– relaxshacksDOTcom


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Luxury Tiny House Has Every Amenity Imaginable (Video)

Big luxury in a little package…er…building! And full disclosure: ‘Luxury’ refers to available modern conveniences in this home. No butler, because, you know, Tiny House.

The Tiny Luxury House in Davenport, Florida, doesn’t fail to deliver on its name. The entire tiny house is completely wifi enabled which means you can control every part of the home via your phone or The Amazon Alexa.
– Tiny House Listings


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Jenna’s Tiny Home Is Just Right (Video)

Wow. See the van out parked behind the Tiny Home? Looks like it’s about a third of the size of the Home. Talk about a cozy LITTLE cottage!

Jenna built her Tiny Home with her Partner and they traveled in it for a year from Alaska to Florida. They ended their partnership. Jenna parked the Tiny House in Oregon.
Dylan Magaster

Now, this looks like a perfect option for folks who really want to downsize in every way… and who are NOT claustrophobic.


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