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Uganda’s Kung Fu Child TV Stars (Video)

It’s called “Ugawood” (composite word, combining Uganda and Hollywood); and Ugawood loves the kids. Or at least that is how filmmakers in the country and region are trying to make it. The news clip relates a story of kids who are learning Kung Fu; to play action stars in movies made there. A beneficial secondary outcome: the kids’ learning discipline (probably a good thing for kid stars in the West to pick up, huh?).


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Eddy Kenzo – “Sitya Loss” (Video)

I fell in love with this song ever since I saw a youtube video of a few kids in Africa dancing too it. At the time I had no idea of who the artist was & had to take the time to track it down. Eventually I discovered the song was from Musuuza Edrisa who is a popular artist in East African widely known as “Eddy Kenzo”. The Ugandan born artist’s song ‘Sitya Loss’ is going viral in popularity thanks in large part to the original youtube video of the kids dancing in the clip. The video of the kids dancing has become so popular it’s even spawned various remixes like the Stanton Warrior’s video of ‘Loving Me Wrong’. Check out this brand new video from Eddy Kenzo as he joins the kids that made the song become more popular internationally. The remixes & original videos I’ve included after the jump. I’m glad I’ve finally found this song as it’s been promptly added to my itunes playlist & I’ve had it on repeat multiple times since then.

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