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10 Essentials Pusha T Can’t Live Without (Video)

Of course, the Rolex watches. Of course, his Cartier game on point. And if you see Push out pushing, he got it on him. But what are the other gotta-haves for the Pusher? Let’s let him speak on that above.

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Drink Champs: Pusha T (Video)

Current online speak would be that we ‘get the tea’ from Push in this sit-down… but ain’t no tea on the table man. None! Good talk with G.O.O.D. Music’s main man (not named Ye at least).

Pusha shares some of his inspiration behind DAYTONA, working in Wyoming with Kanye, how beef started with Lil Wayne, exchanging disses with Drake, J. Prince’s comments, and more.
– Revolt TV

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Pusha T – “If You Know You Know” (Video)

You know the grind mode motto: Keep it pushing. Well, who better to know so and do so than Pusha T? Simply put, “If You Know You Know,” and Push knows. Check out his latest off “Daytona.”


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Pusha T – “If You Know You Know” (Live Performance) [Video]

Pusha T doing his single “If You Know You Know” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


– @ojones1

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Pusha T Has ‘A Story To Tell’… On How Beef With Drake Got Started (Video)

So let’s get into it: What made Pusha T go at Drake to start this whole beef thing? Funk Flex gets the 4-1 on that (and more) in this talk. And for those who wonder if business plays into this…

I’m sure [Drake] is gonna put out an album that does numbers, so on and so forth. Great. But it’s not gonna be better than “Daytona.”
Pusha T

So, yeah. It’s music biz. Industry involved, but still PRIDE involved, too.



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Comedy: Shuler King Suggests That Drake Burning Down “Mama T’s” House MIGHT Allow Him To Get Even With Pusha T (Video)

Maaaan! The Internet went nuts, as expected, when Pusha T and Drake got to beefing for real. Now, I have SEVERAL favorites to share… but this one… take a deep breath, let it go, and press play. Your laugh muscles are about to get a workout. Comedian Shuler King’s reaction to Pusha T’s last diss to Drake is lethally hilarious #DeadFunnyAF


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Trevor Noah Tells ‘The Daily Show’ Audience How Pusha T & Drake Are Beefing On A New Level (Video)

Trevor said Robert Mueller needs Pusha T’s investigators on his team for the White House probe, the way Push got after Drake in that last diss track. Daaaayum! Bwaaahaaa!


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Pusha T Speaks On The Development Of “Daytona” And Dissing Drake ‘For The Record’ (Video)

Hells yeah! Start with the strong dap and get into the FACTS! Of course, the Drizzy dissing is on deck for discussion… but wait, there’s more!

G.O.O.D. Music president Pusha T returns this week with ‘Daytona,’ his first full-length release since 2015’s ‘King Push – Darkness Before Dawn: The Prelude.’ In the latest episode of Genius’ ‘For the Record,’ Pusha discussed his recording process, his political differences with Kanye, the reasoning behind its truncated length, and the Drake diss track “Infrared.”
– Genius


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Pusha T – “Daytona” (EP Stream)

The beef with Drake aside, have y’all actually heard the “Daytona” EP (some are calling it an album, but um… nah)? The “Infrared” joint that jumped the beefing off is on there. Pusha T’s got a pretty power-packed project out there. Check it.


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Pusha T – “The Story Of Adidon”

So for all of Web 1.0 and 2.0 with the ‘sites, ‘grams, snaps, and heads that went ham when “Duppy” Drake dropped his bomb on the domain of King Push… hope y’all didn’t think that was it. Okay, Drake. T Pushed back HARD with “The Story Of Adidon.” Mr. Numbers On The Board checked you like a King do! Your move.

(Daaayummm, Push tossed a shot at Drizzy’s homie 40, too. And hit the jump for more heat for the beef. Wowww!)


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Pusha T Speaks On How “Daytona” Got Made And What To Make Of The Drake Diss Track (Video)

The recording process is intense, extensive, and expensive AF… apparently. At least for what went into this Pusha T project (entitled “Daytona”). Visual for the radio (above) covers that and the “Infrared” jawn, face-to-facing with Baby, the Drake thing and more.

Pusha T Talks “Daytona” And The Mind Of Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Pusha T – “Bodega Babies” (Video)

Okay, so it’s a promo video for adidas Originals… but that Pusha track entitled “Bodega Babies” is featured prominently in it. And speaking of prominent (e.g. placed to be very recognizable), anybody heard that beat before? Like during the Swizz Beatz vs. Just Blaze beat battle we posted on here?

The Bodega, a place for growth and evolution in all senses; where people buy their groceries, hang outside at night, and gain respect from peers. We pay tribute to the hub of many communities. The EQT Support Ultra King Push “Bodega Babies” hits the streets November 3rd. #KingPushEQT
– adidas Originals

Oh, and before you ask, of course, I know who the thickalicious bodacious Honey that walked into the Bodega mid-flick is… Fabolous knows her, too. That’s his wifey Emily Bustamante aka Emily B. Mercy on me, Fab is a fortunate man #BLESS

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Vic Mensa – “OMG” feat. Pusha T (Video)

You know that an emcee is saying something when he tells you to take notes right at the start in the hook. Ain’t mad at all at Vic Mensa and Pusha T for what they are doing on this “OMG” thing. Visuals embedded above. Link to “The Manuscript” (EP) below.


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Pusha T Speaks On His ‘Run For the Oceans’ And Says “King Push” Is 85% Complete (Video)

Interesting. Instead of moping about ‘taking the L’ in the recent U.S. Presidential election, Pusha T is getting into being more ‘self-governing’ and pushing the causes he is interested in (with no more ties to the White House)… and partnering with companies in line with them.

Adidas and Parley join forces to help draw attention to and preserve the world’s oceans. Pusha T performs and speaks on the importance of brand activism and his love for Adidas.
– Complex News

Hmm… Push drones on and on a bit about Yeezy’s beats being the driver for choosing his production to dominate the forthcoming album… over his OGs The Neptunes (Chad Hugo, Pharrell Williams). Not disrespectful really. Kanye is a well-known worldwide all-time beast on them beatz. But, maybe, someone might feel slightly slighted with how ‘energetic’ Push got when he got the question. Just saying.

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Pharrell And Others Talk Virginia, Influences, Memories And More (Video)

Beats 1 and OTHERtone studio was loaded down with the Down South: Pusha T, D.R.A.M. and Fam-Lay. And, hey, Pharrell Williams. It doesn’t get much more VA than that player.

Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener in the OTHERtone studio with Pusha T, D.R.A.M. and Fam-Lay. Tune in on Beats 1 every other Sunday at 12PM PT / 3PM ET.

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Pusha T Reads The Words Of Norman Brown (Video)

A true story. The words of Norman Brown, read by Pusha T. Powerful testimony on what a second chance can mean to a person and to society. A quick watch, but a good one!

Wow, 20+ years… on the way to much more in the pen… But freedom granted by President Obama gave the brother a chance to write a new ending to the book of his life. Maybe he can help others with their ‘rewrites’ too.

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Pusha T – “H.G.T.V.” (Prod. By Mike WiLL-Made It) [Video]

Ha! BLOWbama!!

No let up on the beat by Mike WiLL-Made It… another lyrical assault… Pusha T did it! “H.G.T.V.” treated to high-concept visualization above. Now, did he kinda big up Desiigner in this jawn? Word? Okay, Push, okay.

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Pusha T x Jeremih – “Paid”


Another heater from the soundtrack for the forthcoming film “The Land.” Pusha T and Jeremih teamed up for this “Paid” single. Check it out!


Royce Da 5’9 – “Layers” feat. Pusha T x Rick Ross (Prod. By Mr. Porter) [Video]

Official visual for the Royce Da 5’9 single “Layers” (off the album with the same title). And all hands were on hand per the plan – Pusha T and Rick Ross appear in the vid, as on the track. Check it.


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Pusha T – “Drug Dealers Anonymous” feat. Jay Z


Stretch first. This beat. These lyrics. There will be head nodding, and that’s the least movement this “Drug Dealers Anonymous” banger from Pusha T will inspire. Pepper in some Jigga spice and this word gumbo is bubbling hot!

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

Nice work Hova. Flipping in what seemed like a Star Trek IV line in the rhymes, but the bars go deeper like Jay is prone to do. Reference A Course In Miracles.