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VICE: Subtropical Solitude (Video)

Something very deep about this piece. Must say, too, there is something very deep about the peace Mr. Nagasaki has found. Just saying.

78-year-­old Masafumi Nagasaki is the sole resident of a tropical island located at the southern tip of Okinawa, Japan. He would rather obey the demands of nature than of another person, which is what led him to escape civilization and live on Sotobanari Island. We decided to go and find out exactly what kind of lifestyle he’s leading, and why he chooses not to wear clothes.

Now, all that said about the profound experience you will have watching this report… the moment “The Naked Man” meets VICE International reporter Yuka… just watch. . Whew!

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Nas Spits “The World Is Yours” A Capella For VICE Japan (Video)

I believe this was a very slick way to get a Nas a capella for producers to rip from this video & do a remix to it. I see what VICE in Japan is doing.

In celebration of Nas’ 20th Anniversary of his debut album “Illmatic,” we got to hang out with him and record his a capella version of “The World is Yours” using our Music Video Recorders from Sony.

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