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WTF?! Former Employee In A Ohio Coroner’s Office Jailed For Raping Over 100 Dead Bodies (Video)

A former employee in a coroner’s office near Cincinnati was jailed for having raped over 100 dead bodies in the morgue. The man admitted to abusing crack & alcohol & even his wife tried to report him to authorities after complaining about him coming home smelling like ‘Dead Body Sex’. The former employee Kenneth Douglas had been working in the morgue for almost a decade. This is hands down the “WTF News Story Of The Day”…..

New Jersey Mother Arrested For Putting Her 6-Year Old Daughter In A Tanning Bed (Video)

The mother of this child must be touched in the head or something…..She even looks like she went too crazy in the tanning bed with her own body. SMDH. Meanwhile check the magazine article under the hood below….
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Comedy: Brian McKnight Working On An Adult Themed Mixtape (Video)

The funny thing about this is…..I think he’s dead ass serious. Terrible…just terrible. Read the rest of this entry »

WTF?!: People Going Crazy Over The New Air Jordans (Video)

This is both hilarious & sad all at the same time. We’re in a recession & no one cares to stand in line to fight for our rights on many issues that are directly affecting our communities or even join in on the Occupy Movement, but people are willing to go crazy over some damn sneakers. On the hilarious side of things, there are a gang of quotables from this clip that made me laugh out loud like “The Get Money Boys”, “I invest in these” (Licks sneaker), “I’m a shoe connoisseur”, & “What if yo child get ammonia”….
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