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Michael Jordan’s Former ‘Dream Home’ Still Spruced Up For Sale (Video)

Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest NBA player of all-time, but he also has the dubious reputation for not having the best sense of style. There are a dozens of news pieces, websites, facebook, instagram, & twitter pages with names like… “What The F*k is Michael Jordan” poking fun at his fashion choices.  Even GQ magazine took shots at his style & taste after he was kicked out of a country club for his allegedly horrible choice of golf gear.  Some of the clothes he’s worn out in public have been so unintentionally ridiculous that I wouldn’t be surprised if his former Chicago dream home wasn’t any different. Michael Jordan has been desperately trying to sell this luxury home for years and had lowered his price in 2012 from $29 Million only to subsequently fail getting it sold at auction for a minimum of $16 million last December. If the interior of the home was anything like his personal fashion sense PRIOR to putting this home on the market & hiring some professional interior decorators, that could have been a huge reason why he hadn’t found a new owner sooner coupled with that still hefty asking price.

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WTF?!: People Going Crazy Over The New Air Jordans (Video)

This is both hilarious & sad all at the same time. We’re in a recession & no one cares to stand in line to fight for our rights on many issues that are directly affecting our communities or even join in on the Occupy Movement, but people are willing to go crazy over some damn sneakers. On the hilarious side of things, there are a gang of quotables from this clip that made me laugh out loud like “The Get Money Boys”, “I invest in these” (Licks sneaker), “I’m a shoe connoisseur”, & “What if yo child get ammonia”….
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