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2 Chainz And “The Sneaker Don” Check Out The Most Expensivest Kicks (Video)

Wow. Benjamin Kicks is giving us a look at the shoe game… and giving up part of his game at the same time right from the start.

On MOST EXPENSIVEST, 2 Chainz sits with Benjamin Kicks, “The Sneaker Don,” to review some of the rarest and most expensivest sneakers.


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‘Sneaker Shopping’ With Shoe & Microphone Fiend Joey Bada$$ (Video)

His dream shoe might be the All Day I Dream About… ya know. But you gotta dream about a possible dream collaboration between Joey Bad and ADIDAS. If you are into the shoe game heavy, that is.

Joey Bada$$ goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Alumni in Brooklyn, and talks growing up as a Jordan head and the mix of sneakers with politics.

Interesting. Joey comments on the former First Daughter from last administration rocking a Pro Era tee. Then he comments on Under Armour’s honcho stumping for the current President, Donald Trump. Kinda makes Joey Bada$$ a two-term political pundit. When it comes to apparel maybe. Maybe.

Ha! Watch and learn a bit Joey’s aspirations (non-political, basketball), choices in kicks (including a possible pick for his pops) and more.

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NBA & Chicago Bulls Star Jimmy Butler Goes ‘Sneaker Shopping’ (Video)

C’mon son! You gotta know by know that sneakers is religion! For sneakerheads, it is not just ‘shopping’… it is spiritual, ritual, and to be done right!

Jimmy Butler goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Saint Alfred in Chicago and talks wearing Jordans to the White House, walking away from his Adidas deal, and playing basketball with Michael Jordan.

Dude, this dude wore sneakers to the White House to chit-chat with President Obama (and bless him with a pair).

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Sneaker Shopping: Cam’ron Chooses Killa Kicks (Video)

Cam’ron goes Sneaker Shopping. A self-declared Reebok guy; but he loves Jordans. But do not twist things up… Cam is ’bout the biz. Shoemakers need to holler at him about his Killa Pink (the album and the color) coming soon. Watch him and Joe La Puma chop and check out what to step into.

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Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Cops Some Sneakers (Video)

Dez gots aaalll the Jordans. Dez cops aaalll the Jordans (hence, he stays having all the Jordans). Sure, he is Team Cowboys; but watching this, you KNOW he is Team Jordan Brand. This ep of ‘Sneaker Shopping’ is another one for folks who get their kicks from copping kicks.

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Lebron Gets Sentimental Over His Nike Sneakers (Video)

That first pair of custom sneaks. We all remember getting those, right? Anybody? Well… if you do… treasured memory forever!

King James shows us the holy grail of his wardrobe, dishes on his new signature sneaker–the Nike LeBron 13–and warns competitors about the mental edge that lets him “bust your a$$.”

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Fabolous Speaks On His Obsession For Kicks At A Sneaker Exhibit (Video)

From your homies’ closet to an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Keep watching my people. This Hip-Hop culture…beloved worldwide! Remember: Graffiti was an eyesore, until it started showing up in art exhibits and museums! Witness on formal display now – The Rise Of The Sneaker Culture. We take a tour with emcee and sneakerhead extraordinaire Fabolous.

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Fat Joe Goes Sneaker Shopping (Video)

You already KNOW Joe’s sneaker game is on 20s. Remember when he licked his kicks on MTV Cribs back in the day? Serious. Now for for more serious business. Get a kick out of The Terror Don going shopping for and critiquing more kicks. Gotta refresh to be fresh. Watch.

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Nas Speaks On His Classic Style With Music & Sneakers (Video)

Over Labor Day weekend, Nas rocked the Rock the Bells Festival in New Jersey…with Lauryn Hill!!! Okay, that was a FAN-atic moment. In this brief video vignette, Nas touched on “Life is Good” (his latest album), the 90s, the sneaker culture, and such. Check it out.
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New Balance Excellence Makers: Jay Electronica (Video)

Don’t know what the hell is going on but I’m one of the thousands of people anxiously waiting for Jay Electronica to drop his new album. Trying not to be impatient but I’m sure hoping it’s worth the wait. For now we have to deal with these little mini commercials slash documentaries from companies who like Sprite who have holla’d at Jay Elect. This time around New Balance brings the New Orleans emcee on as a part of their Excellence Makers series as they follow him in London where he’s reportedly working on his new album….


2012 All-Star Weekend In Orlando Nike Montage with DJ Khaled, Jadakiss, Dwyane Wade, & Carmelo Anthony (Video)

WTF?!: People Going Crazy Over The New Air Jordans (Video)

This is both hilarious & sad all at the same time. We’re in a recession & no one cares to stand in line to fight for our rights on many issues that are directly affecting our communities or even join in on the Occupy Movement, but people are willing to go crazy over some damn sneakers. On the hilarious side of things, there are a gang of quotables from this clip that made me laugh out loud like “The Get Money Boys”, “I invest in these” (Licks sneaker), “I’m a shoe connoisseur”, & “What if yo child get ammonia”….
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Kiss My Converse: Bad Meets Evil Rocks With Chuck Taylor (Video)

Eminem & Royce Da 5’9 talk about their special limited edition Chuck Taylor sneaker with Converse. The special Chuck Taylor Allstar shoe is a part of the promo for their new album Hell: The Sequel that just dropped on Tuesday. Em & Royce also talk more about the album & their individual styles. Lyrically & Stylistically.

Ras Kass – A.D.I.D.A.S feat. Frankie Finch (Video)

Rewind: ‘Just For Kicks’ Film 2005 (Video)

The relationship between Hip Hop and sneakers have been going steady for some time now. Let’s rewind on this 2005 documentary “Just for Kicks” that sheds some light on the obsession between Hip Hop and athletic shoes from ‘My Adidas’ to ‘Airforce 1’s’.

Yours Truly,
Frank Yerby


Jayforce note:

This has nothing to do with sneakers, but look at how technology has changed with these documentaries & the camera quality. That stuck out to me the most about Frank’s post besides the errors Frank made in the post that I had to correct. Just kidding Frank……but this documentary was filmed in 2005 & technology has significantly improved in just half a decade.