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Comedy: Omar Epps stars as a ‘Hood Black Doctor’ (Video)

The only thing I don’t like about this ‘What The Funny’ comedic skit starring actor Omar Epps is that they named it ‘Black Doctor’. Of course we all should know there are thousands of black doctors that conduct themselves in a professional manner & Omar Epps has played a black doctor on television for 8 years, but I’m sure 80% of ‘black doctors’ would be offended so I took the liberty to alter the title a little bit to ‘Hood Black Doctor’. Maybe I’m taking this all a little too serious I guess, although the scene in this skit with actor Laz Alonzo made me chuckle out loud though. Other than that try to laugh away….

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WTF: Naked Man Attacks Riders at San Francisco BART Station (Video)


Awwww HELLLLLLL naw! Did this guy… butt azz naked… at the train station… running up on innocent travelers?? If this ends with a tasing and a beatdown, I’m not sure anyone would be surprised (or remorseful). Watch, and be stunned. The video is embedded after the jump, as it is Not Suitable For Work… for all the wrong reasons!

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WTF Video Of The Day: Dog Rocks To The Geto Boys Classic ‘Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta’ (Video)

I follow writer Byron Crawford on twitter & when I saw him post this video up on the web of a dog rocking to the Geto Boys 1992 hip hop classic ‘Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta’ not only did I laugh at this joint but I replayed it several times over. Maybe this dog was a hip hop head in the 90s in his former life who just so happened to come back as a dog.
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Comedy: Jesus Christ Is My N*gga (Video)

We labeled this video as “Comedy” but from what we’re told this is a real reverend trying to appeal to the youth. WTF?! Hilarious & sad….. #AtTheSameDamnTime
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WTF?!: 2 Women Seriously Injured In Hot Oil Attack & Fight Over Instagram Pictures (Video)

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LovePalz: New Smart Phone Sex Device Goes Virtually Hi-Tech (Video)

Yes! Yes! YES! Get your phone jone on folks! Haha! I might be wrong for tagging this ‘comedy’ because… mark my words… SOMEBODY will be hoping to use this ‘technology’… A.S.A.P.! The video presents the LovePalz concept – a smartphone operated virtual sex device which allows you to have sex with a partner over the phone. Shout out to Broccoli City for the perfect set of ‘instructions’ to accompany this video:

‘To use the Palz a man puts his thing in a thing and a woman puts a thing in her thing and the technology mimics the same speed, or not, because who’s counting.’

Hey… if you think you can take it… watch the video. Had me cracking up!
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Chinese Hospitals Introduce New ‘Sperm Extraction’ Machines (Video)

Hahahaaaaaa! GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE! See, I tried to read this with an open mind… for real. Then I realized the article was pulling my… leg… when I got to the part of the writeup that referred to this “technological innovation” for extracting a sperm donation as a “hands-free goo-getting gadget” (WTF)! Science gone silly in this post. Full article linked after the jump. Read it if you want. Take it how you want. But what you want to do now… is click and watch the ‘flick’ above. HILARIOUS!
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Comedy: Affion Crockett – “WTF” (Jay-Z x Lil Wayne Spoof) [Video]

Affion Crockett is a FOOL y’all! Don’t know if he’s serious, but Affion announces a forthcoming “Watch the Clone” album at the YouTube page for this “WTF” comedy video. Don’t sleep on he talent though: He spoofed Jay-Z AND Lil Wayne in the same clip. Oh…Catch Donnell Rawlings running about four or five cracks on Weezy at the beginning, too. Man-dex!!!! I can’t stop laughing! Haahahaaaaaaaaa!

WTF?! Former Employee In A Ohio Coroner’s Office Jailed For Raping Over 100 Dead Bodies (Video)

A former employee in a coroner’s office near Cincinnati was jailed for having raped over 100 dead bodies in the morgue. The man admitted to abusing crack & alcohol & even his wife tried to report him to authorities after complaining about him coming home smelling like ‘Dead Body Sex’. The former employee Kenneth Douglas had been working in the morgue for almost a decade. This is hands down the “WTF News Story Of The Day”…..

New Jersey Mother Arrested For Putting Her 6-Year Old Daughter In A Tanning Bed (Video)

The mother of this child must be touched in the head or something…..She even looks like she went too crazy in the tanning bed with her own body. SMDH. Meanwhile check the magazine article under the hood below….
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Comedy: Brian McKnight Working On An Adult Themed Mixtape (Video)

The funny thing about this is…..I think he’s dead ass serious. Terrible…just terrible. Read the rest of this entry »

Amazing Dance In The Motherland (Video)

Saw a few of the homies talking about this video & it is truly amazing to see the brothas, could be sistahs too, getting down in this dance which I’m assuming is back somewhere in the motherland of Africa. There could be some debate as to whether or not the video was sped up, but if you pay attention to the precision & symmetry of the dancers’ movements it’s still nothing less than incredible.

19 Year Old Man Caught On Tape Having Sex With His Employer’s Female Pit Bull Dogs (Video)

A 19 year old man was arrested after being caught on tape having sex with his boss’s female pit bull dogs. This is a serious WTF moment. Sheezh!

Jim Jones Maced & Arrested Following A Brawl In A Casino (Video)

According to TMZ, Harlem’s finest Jim Jones was maced & arrested following an altercation that began when an unknown man allegedly punched him for no reason before both of their entourages got involved which then escalated into an all out brawl in a Connecticut casino. Apparently while officers were trying to subdue an understandably upset Jim Jones, they maced & later arrested him….

NY Police Officers Caught on High Quality Video Breaking Into a Teenager’s Home & Murdering Him (Video)

Here we go again with these rogue police officers who are murdering innocent men & women. This time it was all caught on a security camera how two NY police officers broke down the door of Ramarley Graham’s home without a warrant & murdered him in cold blood. No weapon was found in the man’s home or on his person. Shout out to my homie Jamal Garrett who put me onto what happened last night…

Bishop Eddie Long Crowned ‘King’ at New Birth Baptist Church (Video)

I saw people talk about this left & right yesterday about how embattled Atlanta preacher Bishop Eddie Long was recently crowned ‘King’ at New Birth Baptist Church out here in Atlanta. Amidst everything that has been going on with this guy, now he’s crowned “King” by what appears to be a fake Rabbi of some sorts. The video gets really wild around the 7:00 minute mark.

Pastor Troy on ‘Judge Alex’ Court Television Show (Video)

The plaintiff by the name of Roderick says he hired his former best friend Pastor Troy to perform a music concert at an event he was promoting. He says the concert was canceled because Pastor Troy was arrested. Roderick says he rescheduled the concert only to have P-Troy bail on him again! Pastor Troy says he was receiving death threats and for his safety and for the audience’s safety he thought it was best not to show up. – JudgeAlexTV

Grandma Does Usher Dance Moves (Video)

I thought this was gonna be comical when I first read the title, but Grandma actually did a pretty decent job with the Usher dance routine right here. That’s wasup! Usher likes older women so she better slow it down a little if she’s in Atlanta…Haha

NY Police Officers Caught on tape Planting Drugs On A Black Couple (Video)

On February 11, 2011 the UPD pulled over two people on the corner of Oneida Street and Clinton Place in Utica New York. The video shows Utica Police Officers Palladino and Padulla allegedly placing something in the man’s vehicle. It is argued that this is the same bag he took from the driver at around 6:30 of the original video. One of the many reasons this video was posted was because neither suspect had any cocaine on them, yet felony controlled substance charges were given–at a later time than this traffic stop–then eventually dropped. The Utica Phoenix news website had crashed due to the amount of traffic they received in the first 24 hours after this was posted. Obviously they now have since moved to a larger, faster server and all should be working as it should.