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WTF Video Of The Day: Dog Rocks To The Geto Boys Classic ‘Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta’ (Video)

I follow writer Byron Crawford on twitter & when I saw him post this video up on the web of a dog rocking to the Geto Boys 1992 hip hop classic ‘Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta’ not only did I laugh at this joint but I replayed it several times over. Maybe this dog was a hip hop head in the 90s in his former life who just so happened to come back as a dog.
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WTF?!: 2 Women Seriously Injured In Hot Oil Attack & Fight Over Instagram Pictures (Video)

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19 Year Old Man Caught On Tape Having Sex With His Employer’s Female Pit Bull Dogs (Video)

A 19 year old man was arrested after being caught on tape having sex with his boss’s female pit bull dogs. This is a serious WTF moment. Sheezh!

NY Police Officers Caught on High Quality Video Breaking Into a Teenager’s Home & Murdering Him (Video)

Here we go again with these rogue police officers who are murdering innocent men & women. This time it was all caught on a security camera how two NY police officers broke down the door of Ramarley Graham’s home without a warrant & murdered him in cold blood. No weapon was found in the man’s home or on his person. Shout out to my homie Jamal Garrett who put me onto what happened last night…

Bishop Eddie Long Crowned ‘King’ at New Birth Baptist Church (Video)

I saw people talk about this left & right yesterday about how embattled Atlanta preacher Bishop Eddie Long was recently crowned ‘King’ at New Birth Baptist Church out here in Atlanta. Amidst everything that has been going on with this guy, now he’s crowned “King” by what appears to be a fake Rabbi of some sorts. The video gets really wild around the 7:00 minute mark.

WTF?!: 37 Year Old Mother of 15 Children with 3 Baby Daddies (Video)


Man Goes ‘Subway Surfing’ Outside Of Speeding New York City Train (Video)

A man in New York City rode outside a speeding J train & it was captured on video by other passengers. Dude has some serious balls to do something like this! Apparently the video has caught the attention of NYC authorities who are trying to discourage other people from wildin’ out like this & risking their lives. I’ve seen wilder things on the train in NYC back in the day. These days the cars are cleaner & newer but the game hasn’t changed.


WTF Video Of The Day: Rapper Brings The Club To Walmart (Video)

Here in Atlanta the Walmart off of Panola Road is considered to be ‘Club Walmart’ to some people by the way the women dress up just to go there. Apparently it goes down little EXTRA in New Orleans….I smell a lawsuit on the way…. SMMFH

WTF!?: Woman Arrested For Biting Boyfriend’s Penis (Video)

Comedy: The Soggy Bottom Boys – ‘Let Em Drag’ (Video)

In 2011, skinny jeans are all the rage. Not to us, but to some people. The Soggy Bottom Boys are looking to bring the saggy pants back in style with their new video ‘Let Em Drag’. Lil Travesty, HOPELESS & Yung Downfall are THE SOGGY BOTTOM BOYS on Self-D’Struk Records. For more information on the Soggy Bottom Boys make sure you check out Fahamu Pecu’s page. This joint is straight comedy, but what’s sad is that there are far too many songs similar to this on the radio that people take seriously like thIS NSFW joint called ‘Yankin’ from this chick named ‘Lady’. It’s under the hood…..

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Mailman Caught On Camera Taking A ‘Dump’ In Someone’s Yard (Video)

WTF Video Of The Day: Big Girl Dancing To Dru Hill (NSFW)

The homie Jarobi put me onto this video….W.T.F?!?! This is NSFW & its probably Not Safe For Your Eyesight either. Utterly Disturbing

WTF Video Of The Day: Handicapped Rapping Pimp?

I’m almost at a loss for words….REALLY?!….has rap music gotten this bad? Damn…cuz it damn sure ain’t hip hop. And some people have the nerve to criticize the Black Eyed Peas.