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Actor Wendell Pierce On The White Roots Of Violence In America On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ (Video)

There’s a good amount of good watching on the tube nowadays. No excuse to waste your brain cells on trash TV (you know what that is, and if you watch it no judgements). Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ = Good Watching. You remember actor Wendell Pierce from the HBO original series ‘Treme’ and back in the day on ‘The Wire.’ Well, the proud Louisiana-bred brother was on Bill’s show doing us proud; speaking truth to light on a myriad of issues. Watch the clip above and the other after the jump if you missed when he appeared on the show. Then check out the entire episode. Get an idea about where Blacks’ proclivity to visit violence upon each other in the streets AND in their relationships and families was really born; about White entitlement and how Blacks could historically never afford it, about racial perceptions being reality then and even now and so much more!

“The fact is while we have this very comfortable colloquial debate about it. When the lights go out and I go out in the street and I get behind the wheel of my car, the most dangerous moment I ever have in my life is when a police officer pulls me over. Every Black man in America knows that, when that happens, there’s actually a possibility his life may come to an end. And that shouldn’t happen. It actually happened to me…”
Wendell Pierce

Yep, you can be Emmy-nominated and STILL be scared to death of DYING at the hands of law enforcement. But I bet you knew that. If so, you can watch and say ‘Amen’ then.

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