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The Lost Streets Of Chicago (Documentary)

The caution on language for this BBC documentary. If that is what folks fret most about this video, then maybe they should not watch. Just saying, if harsh words make you cringe, you cannot possibly take an expose of the harsh reality Chicagoans face. Worse, if you are MORE affected by the language than the subject matter, you fail as a human.

Know what. Watch either way. We must do better. But first, we must not shy away. Otherwise, our great city will be lost.

Killings in Chicago have hit a 20-year high as the grim toll for homicides passes 500. The BBC’s Ian Pannell and Darren Conway explore a world where gangs and guns rule.
– BBC News

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Images Exposing America’s Racism: The Murder Of Emmett Till (Video)

1955. Your parents and/or grandparents REMEMBER this. The killing of Emmett Till happened not even ONE full lifetime ago. Anybody wanting to tell you that revisiting such a ‘distant past’ is divisive, that you should just ‘move on’… well you should. They would have been the same people who would have believed Emmett was ‘flirting’ and that his death was his fault or just a fact of life. The fact is that the loss of Emmett’s life was a TRAGEDY. That a movement found life and strength provides some solace but in no way lessens our sadness and mourning.

Anyone telling you to move on is right. Do it. Move on… AWAY FROM THEM! Anyone telling you that to keep bringing up race, protest or even talk frankly about race-motivated violence against Black Americans that is going on in the same lifetime as the murder of Emmett Till is ‘divisive’… Move on. But remember who they are.

“The irresponsible rhetoric of our President, who has used the pulpit of the presidency to divide us by race and color, has made America a more dangerous environment for everyone.”
Donald Trump

So, The President, a Black American (whose citizenship Trump consistently contested, remember?), even talking about what has happened to Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Walter L. Scott, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner or others divides us and makes for a dangerous environment? Hmmm… okay… Glad the cameras caught that tidbit in the midst of your nomination acceptance speech.

Yeah. I heard you RNC. I heard you, Donald Trump. And I am moving on!

But back to the video above: Watch. Grieve. Get focused. Get motivated. Get moving. Get more informed. And never forget Emmett Till!




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Ryan Coogler Interviews J. Cole For #MLKNow (Video)

Above: Ryan Coogler (Director of “Creed” and “Fruitvale Station”) with a deeper than in-depth interview with J. Cole. You can tell it was more a frank discussion than an interview though; Coogler admitting to this being his first time as an interviewer and Cole admitting to a gang of things: the tragic death of Oscar Grant as told in “Fruitvale Station” makes him cry every time… fear-frustration-sadness and artistic motivations that came from subsequent incidents of police brutality… feelings on Black-on-Black crime… life as a married man (stunned the crowd, and toned down the ladies’ screams…for the time being).

Watch the whole 20 minutes. Very appropriate conversation in the wake of the Martin Luther King, Jr. commemoration. Engaging, enlightening and empowering! The web was on fire due to news of Cole’s nuptials being dropped like a bomb in this clip, but the most powerful moment was when the brothers were exchanging thank-yous to end the interview.

Stop thanking me… We a part of the same body. Bruh, my hand don’t wake up and thank the other hand.
Ryan Coogler

Wow… feel that chill? That surge of pride? That’s #MLKNow and hopefully motivation to take strides.

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Quentin Tarantino Loves Violence In Cinema (Video)

You probably look at a Taratino classic like “Reservoir Dogs” (or his coming flick “Hateful 8”) and think: Wow, this is over-the-top violent! But hey, Tarantino isn’t really about all of that blood and gore for really real.

No…yeah… He is. No apologies or eff’s given about what any hater thinks about it either. ‘Tino is all about VIOLENCE. Watch above and prepare to go ‘whoa!’

(Good point about Japan’s ultra-violent cinema in its most peaceful society; one NOT equating to the other.)

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Ricky Velez Confronts Racism… In The Ring! (Video)

Wow! It’s been forever and a day since we’ve seen WWF’s WWE’s Virgil, muscle and manservant to The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Whoa wait-a-minute. Manservant? Isn’t that pretty much another term for slave? To get the answer, The Nightly Show correspondent Ricky Velez goes to the former WWE wrestler and former ECW wrestler Tommy Dreamer for some real answers…and some real training…enough to fake it and make it in an actual match…and dares to expose the truth about racism in professional wrestling. Oh, and the answer to that ‘manservant’ question? That’d be a ‘YES.’

“Wrestling is racist as f#ck, Larry.”
Ricky Velez

Let’s start there.

And watch the two-part story, starting with part 1 above, for the whole story, exciting ‘finish’ (part 2 and bonus clip, after the jump) and discussion with host Larry Wilmore.


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Dee Barnes Speaks On Being Assaulted By Dr. Dre Back In The Day & Her Place In Hip Hop History (Video)

Kevin Powell interviews Hip-Hop journalist Dee Barnes for HuffPost. That’s right, the story of the woman Dr. Dre attacked back in the day… the story that was missing from the N.W.A. biopic (“Straight Outta Compton”). Many heads have called the omission of this dark moment from the historic Hip-Hop story’s retelling foul. Well, watch and get Dee’s point of view.

Note: This interview is not all about the Dre assault incident. Kevin is allowing Dee to have her say, and then the story comes out. Watch. Very deep. There are still unhealed wounds to this day.

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Afrika Bambaataa Talks Violence in Hip-Hop & Black Spades Days (Video)

Arguing over foolishness…Just do the music and put it out there. There’s room for everybody.
Afrika Bambaataa

Listen to the legend when he’s talking, children of Hip-Hop. Here’s Bambaataa speaking on industry illusions and mind control, beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj and between others, views on use of the N-word, his days in the Black Spades gang (and some positive aspects from it) and much more.

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Actor Wendell Pierce On The White Roots Of Violence In America On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ (Video)

There’s a good amount of good watching on the tube nowadays. No excuse to waste your brain cells on trash TV (you know what that is, and if you watch it no judgements). Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ = Good Watching. You remember actor Wendell Pierce from the HBO original series ‘Treme’ and back in the day on ‘The Wire.’ Well, the proud Louisiana-bred brother was on Bill’s show doing us proud; speaking truth to light on a myriad of issues. Watch the clip above and the other after the jump if you missed when he appeared on the show. Then check out the entire episode. Get an idea about where Blacks’ proclivity to visit violence upon each other in the streets AND in their relationships and families was really born; about White entitlement and how Blacks could historically never afford it, about racial perceptions being reality then and even now and so much more!

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MSNBC: Cord Jefferson Discusses The White Culture Of Violence (Video)

Above: Gawker’s West Coast Editor Cord Jefferson with scathing commentary on this clip of an episode of All In With Chris Hayes. Cord spoke with host Hayes about his controversial essay, the roots of White violence, and his deep ties to the White community.

‘The story of White criminal culture is not a story the mainstream media will tell you. Though once you scratch the surface, the stories are everywhere you look.’

You gotta watch!

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DJ Skizz – “Vio-Lence” feat. Lil’ Fame (of M.O.P.) x ILL BILL

DJ Skizz - Violence art

New-new off of DJ Skizz’s upcoming self-produced LP “BQE.” This single – “Vio-Lence” features Brooklyn (New York, USA) emcees Lil’ Fame of M.O.P. and ILL BILL.