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Candyland: Canadian Cannabis (Documentary)

Weed soda, chronic cookies and chocolates. Ah yes, sounds like some mighty tasty medicines those Canadians are getting a good dose of up there. New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau bringing in a new cool, a breath of fresh… well hazy… air to the country’s marijuana legalization conversation. See VICE’s Damian Abraham get up there and get into the mix; taking his lumps and the ‘medicine’ to get the story on Canada’s weed dispensaries and candy shops.

Toronto is currently in a gray area in terms of its marijuana dispensary boom. Since Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, promising to legalize weed, entrepreneurs have been illegally opening up shop all over the city. Although there’s no guarantee that Trudeau’s plan for legal marijuana will include storefront businesses, these operations are opening almost daily. While the shops specialize in selling weed for medical marijuana patients — more and more customers are coming through the doors of their local dispensary looking for marijuana edibles, which only a select number of federally regulated manufacturers are licensed to produce.

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