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The Real Lives Of Real Life Sex Workers (Documentary)

Well done and done in a respectful way. Sometimes investigative journalists embed with subjects and get overly intrusive without at least building with them, ‘earning’ the right to pry, so to speak. But VICE always seems to get it right. Probably why they consistently turn out great documentary content.

Photographer Lindsay Irene travels to Toronto to shoot with a variety of sex workers in their homes with the goal of increasing the understanding of who they are.

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The Trinity – “M3 … The Outro” (Prod. By DJ Jazzy Jeff) [Video]

So dope! And great intro to this debut live performance of Jeff’s forthcoming album’s “Outro” by Rhymefest.

Creativity is the power to change reality. True creative freedom comes only when that power is realized. With M3, I’m finally free… I am proud to introduce The Trinity (Rhymefest, Dayne Jordan & Uhmeer) on “M3 … The Outro” Live from Koerner Hall in Toronto, the first release from my forthcoming album, M3.
DJ Jazzy Jeff

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Food & Culture: Cheese-Stuffed Fried Chicken (Video)

So anything is tastier fried… because ‘Murica! But how about fried AND STUFFED WITH CHEESE!!?? Answer: Oh hells yes! Which is what you would likely say after every bite of this cheese-stuffed fried chicken. Culinary brilliance!


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Majid Jordan – “My Imagination” feat. dvsn

Just up-tempo enough to get a light dance sweat going; should that be what you and bae-boo choose to do. Channel Majid Jordan & dvsn’s “Imagination” as you enjoy bopping along to this song!


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Science: A 300-Year-Old River In Canada Vanished In Just 4 days (Video)

Wow. A river dried up about as fast as a big puddle after a heavy rain! Because a glacier retreated too fast. Because climate change (e.g. global warming) some scientists believe.

One of Canada’s rivers has vanished. The Slims River has been flowing through Canada for 300 years, but in 2016 something happened that caused it to vanish in the blink of an eye. In just four days, the river dipped in height so much that it could not recover. Today, the only evidence of the Slims River is its empty, thirsty channel. Scientists attribute the river’s disappearance to our warming climate and predict that future rivers may suffer the same fate.
– Tech Insider


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Is There A Link Between Former Toronto Mayor And The Dixon City Bloods? (Documentary)

As usual, VICE asks the toughest questions: Does the gang involved in the Rob Ford crack scandal actually exist? There is a neighborhood called Dixon. Truth. In 2013, police raided the area; alleging that a street gang called the “Dixon City Bloods” was responsible for crack and gun operations across southern Ontario. Facts. Several alleged gang members appeared in a photo with the former Toronto mayor, and the group released video that ignited his notorious crack scandal. And here we are…

But where are we for real? Can the gun violence, gang activity, street players’ moves, and media and police reports actually tie together in a substantial way; one that signifies a true criminal organization?

VICE investigates.


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Candyland: Canadian Cannabis (Documentary)

Weed soda, chronic cookies and chocolates. Ah yes, sounds like some mighty tasty medicines those Canadians are getting a good dose of up there. New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau bringing in a new cool, a breath of fresh… well hazy… air to the country’s marijuana legalization conversation. See VICE’s Damian Abraham get up there and get into the mix; taking his lumps and the ‘medicine’ to get the story on Canada’s weed dispensaries and candy shops.

Toronto is currently in a gray area in terms of its marijuana dispensary boom. Since Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, promising to legalize weed, entrepreneurs have been illegally opening up shop all over the city. Although there’s no guarantee that Trudeau’s plan for legal marijuana will include storefront businesses, these operations are opening almost daily. While the shops specialize in selling weed for medical marijuana patients — more and more customers are coming through the doors of their local dispensary looking for marijuana edibles, which only a select number of federally regulated manufacturers are licensed to produce.

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Mos Def-initely: Kendrick Lamar Gets An Assist From Yasiin Bey For Live Performance Of “Alright” (Video)

Like the song said, we gone be Alright…we already Alright. However, turning up to it live with Kendrick Lamar made the Canadian crowd gathered more Alright. Now, what do you think happened to the “Alright” levels of the crowd when Yasiin Bey joined Kendrick onstage during his Osheaga 2015 festival performance of “Alright” (off the “To Pimp A Butterfly” album? Watch and see (and feel).


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Man Builds Full-Size Replica of Train… In His BASEMENT (Video)

Talk about living out a boyhood dream. This man built a full-size replica of a train car in his basement. All aboard! Jason Shron recently completed the painstaking work involved in building a full-size replica train carriage in his basement.

It took Shron more than 2,500 hours to fulfill his dream at a cost of $10,000… Shron’s finished work features seat numbers, the all-important chairs, welcome signs, coat hooks, timetable racks, and carpet from the 1970s. He hasn’t neglected anything, even offering a soundtrack of a train clicking along a track.’

– Time Newsfeed

Nice. It’s nothing like the real thing though. To Shron, in the ways that matter, it’s better:

“It’s where I feel most at peace. Especially when it’s hurtling along at 85mph with the snow and rain pelting down outside — it’s the perfect place to be.”

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Tona feat. Kardinal Offishall – “Timing” [Video]

Tona delivers in this video…and for “Timing” – the single featuring Kardinal Offishall. Produced by Rich Kidd, and mixed by DJ Wristpect, this cut appears on the mixtape “Reform School” – available for download here.


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Rich Kidd – “Beautiful Day”

ALERT: New Rich Kidd track! To be included on the upcoming, “We On Some Rich Kidd Shiiiiiit” Volume 6 (due out August 2, 2012), here is a banger entitled “Beautiful Day.” Canadian-born producer & rap artist Rich Kidd keeps it pushing indeed. We had him on the radar already (recent post here); but he keeps it fresh with this new joint.


Phife Dawg Speaks On His New Album & Life On Tour In Canada (Video)

The homie Phife Dawg alongside the homies, DJ Rasta Root, & SnackBox stopped through Canada for a show north of the border. Phife Diggy spoke on his upcoming album “Cheryl’s Big Son”, touring, producing, & the ‘Beatz, Rhymes, & Life’, documentary. More under the hood….
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AZ Speaks On ‘Doe Or Die II’, Being Underrated, & His Future Plans Working With Nas (Video)

AZ stopped in Toronto for a show & spoke in an interview regarding everything from his upcoming album ‘Doe Or Die II’, Being underrated in hip hop, & his upcoming plans that he has with Nas.

Raekwon x JD Era Speak on ‘The Come Up’ in Canada (Video)

Raekwon travels to his new artist JD Era’s hometown of Toronto for a show & speak on their relationship through the music…

AZ Speaks on Nas, ‘Doe Or Die 2’, & His Teenage Years (Video)

While up in Montreal, Canada the grossly slept on legendary emcee AZ spoke with the Montreality crew on a variety of topics from his early days as a teenager, first jobs, his work with Nas, & his upcoming project “Doe Or Die 2”, & more…

Sheek Louch Speaks On Life, Success, Loyalty, & D-Block (Video)

While up in Montreal Canada with Ghostface, Sheek Louch spoke with the Montreality crew about life, success, loyalty, & his D-Block family. Sheek Louch talks about the upcoming D-Block album & also gave some insight about lessons learned since his younger days as a teenager. DEEEEEEEE BLOKKKKKKKKKKK!

Ghostface’s First Time In Canada In 15 Years; Speaks on the upcoming “Supreme Clientele 2: Blue & Cream” Album (Video)

It’s widely known that people with checkered pasts have a hard time getting into Canada especially entertainers. Recently Ghostface Killah returned to Canada & performed in Montreal for the first time in 15 years & he spoke on a variety of topics including his next album “Supreme Clientele 2: Blue & Cream” which he’s focused upon…

Redman Speaks On How High 2 movie, the Blackout 3 Album, & More (Video)

One of my favorite emcees of alltime stopped north of the border for a show & while in Canada he spoke on the status of his upcoming movie with Method Man called ‘How High 2″ & making the transition to films while still doing the music. The Brick City representer also spoke on the third collaborative album with Method Man “BlackOut 3” & got into a whole bunch of other topics including his time as a teenager, keys to success, his book, & more solo albums.

DJ Premier Speaks On Jobs He Worked As A Teenager (Video)

DJ Premier took some time out before his show in Montreal Canada to speak upon a few jobs he once held as a teenager & how some of those early experiences shaped his life today.

Freeway Speaks On Being Stopped at the Canadian Border & Being Questioned About His Faith In Islam (Video)

While up in Toronto, Freeway talked about when he was stopped at the Canadian border & how being questioned about his faith in Islam only helped to reinforce his faith in being Muslim.