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The Real Lives Of Real Life Sex Workers (Documentary)

Well done and done in a respectful way. Sometimes investigative journalists embed with subjects and get overly intrusive without at least building with them, ‘earning’ the right to pry, so to speak. But VICE always seems to get it right. Probably why they consistently turn out great documentary content.

Photographer Lindsay Irene travels to Toronto to shoot with a variety of sex workers in their homes with the goal of increasing the understanding of who they are.

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The Trinity – “M3 … The Outro” (Prod. By DJ Jazzy Jeff) [Video]

So dope! And great intro to this debut live performance of Jeff’s forthcoming album’s “Outro” by Rhymefest.

Creativity is the power to change reality. True creative freedom comes only when that power is realized. With M3, I’m finally free… I am proud to introduce The Trinity (Rhymefest, Dayne Jordan & Uhmeer) on “M3 … The Outro” Live from Koerner Hall in Toronto, the first release from my forthcoming album, M3.
DJ Jazzy Jeff

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Food & Culture: Cheese-Stuffed Fried Chicken (Video)

So anything is tastier fried… because ‘Murica! But how about fried AND STUFFED WITH CHEESE!!?? Answer: Oh hells yes! Which is what you would likely say after every bite of this cheese-stuffed fried chicken. Culinary brilliance!


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Majid Jordan – “My Imagination” feat. dvsn

Just up-tempo enough to get a light dance sweat going; should that be what you and bae-boo choose to do. Channel Majid Jordan & dvsn’s “Imagination” as you enjoy bopping along to this song!


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Is There A Link Between Former Toronto Mayor And The Dixon City Bloods? (Documentary)

As usual, VICE asks the toughest questions: Does the gang involved in the Rob Ford crack scandal actually exist? There is a neighborhood called Dixon. Truth. In 2013, police raided the area; alleging that a street gang called the “Dixon City Bloods” was responsible for crack and gun operations across southern Ontario. Facts. Several alleged gang members appeared in a photo with the former Toronto mayor, and the group released video that ignited his notorious crack scandal. And here we are…

But where are we for real? Can the gun violence, gang activity, street players’ moves, and media and police reports actually tie together in a substantial way; one that signifies a true criminal organization?

VICE investigates.


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Candyland: Canadian Cannabis (Documentary)

Weed soda, chronic cookies and chocolates. Ah yes, sounds like some mighty tasty medicines those Canadians are getting a good dose of up there. New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau bringing in a new cool, a breath of fresh… well hazy… air to the country’s marijuana legalization conversation. See VICE’s Damian Abraham get up there and get into the mix; taking his lumps and the ‘medicine’ to get the story on Canada’s weed dispensaries and candy shops.

Toronto is currently in a gray area in terms of its marijuana dispensary boom. Since Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, promising to legalize weed, entrepreneurs have been illegally opening up shop all over the city. Although there’s no guarantee that Trudeau’s plan for legal marijuana will include storefront businesses, these operations are opening almost daily. While the shops specialize in selling weed for medical marijuana patients — more and more customers are coming through the doors of their local dispensary looking for marijuana edibles, which only a select number of federally regulated manufacturers are licensed to produce.

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Naturally Born Strangers “Jameson Ave” (Video)


I have four years of Art History under my belt so I have seen Impressionist, Renaissance, Baroque you name it.  Happy to say that Naturally Born Strangers has shown me something I have never seen in regards to Fine Art.  In this new visual “Jameson Ave” NBS who consists of Adam Bomb, Rich Kidd, and Tona they literally shoot the video inside of a painting.  So instead of seeing men perched on horses in regal poses and clothing.  The video shows scenes of the guys with ladies in bikinis, Rich Kidd doing donuts with Rob Ford in the passenger seat Tona hurling into a toilet.  If I were an Art History professor I would have my class do a lesson on this video without question. Well done fellas well done.


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Drake – “0 to 100” / The Catch Up (Prod. By Boi-1da)

DrizzydrakeBrand new music from the Toronto representative Drake doing ‘0 to 100’ with production by fellow T.Dot native Boi-1da. This is one of those two part songs as it eventually segues into ‘The Catch Up’ with co-production from Noah “40″ Shebib and Ninteen85.


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Drake – “5AM In Toronto”

drakeIt’s 5:00am in Atlanta right now & I literally woke up to check my twitter when I noticed Drake released a new song called “5am In Toronto”. Looks like the kid from T.DOT is keeping up his series of ‘AM’ themes just like he did with his initial “9am In Dallas” joint. This new one produced by fellow Toronto native Boi-1da is special because it further highlights Drake’s gravitation back to his earlier musical career roots where he’s spending more time on the lyrical aspect of his music & key track selections instead of being ‘sing-song ‘ heavy.  Drizzy Drake also provides a little controversy too as he also takes a few quick shots at MTV & their annual ‘Hottest MC’s list that always causes controversy, hate & ill feelings every year amongst artists & fans alike. If you’re someone like me who enjoyed most of Drake’s earliest work then you’ll appreciate this joint as much or maybe even more than his now gold ‘Started From The Bottom’ single because he’s putting the majority of his focus back on actually rhyming & key beat selection.  He’s not doing anything that many dope artists with less mainstream appeal haven’t already been doing the last few years, but when an artist like Drake who’s entrenched in that mainstream spotlight does it then casual rap fans tend to fall in line.  Makes sense that his next full-length project will be called “Nothing Was The Same”.


Raekwon Speaks On Love In Toronto, The Independent Game, His New Artists, & More (Video)

Raekwon stops by Power 105.1 in NYC to speak on getting love & buying a condo in Toronto, maximizing his independent game plan, his new artists like JD Era & more. Raekwon also delves into how the Wu-Tang Clan came up back in the day when hip hop was built more on lyrical skill & overcoming the odds being from Staten Island.

AZ Speaks On ‘Doe Or Die II’, Being Underrated, & His Future Plans Working With Nas (Video)

AZ stopped in Toronto for a show & spoke in an interview regarding everything from his upcoming album ‘Doe Or Die II’, Being underrated in hip hop, & his upcoming plans that he has with Nas.

Raekwon x JD Era Speak on ‘The Come Up’ in Canada (Video)

Raekwon travels to his new artist JD Era’s hometown of Toronto for a show & speak on their relationship through the music…

Freeway Speaks on his music & longevity while in Toronto (Video)

While north of the border in Toronto, North Philly’s finest Freeway spoke on a variety of topics from his music, his faith in Islam, longevity in the rap game, his upcoming album “Diamond In The Ruff”, & even more.

Elzhi Gets ‘Elmatic’ In Toronto (Video)

The cameras followed Elzhi as he ventured north of the border to one of my favorite cities for a show with his band. This music montage captures Elzhi before & after a live performance in the maple leaf capital city. The T-Dot! If you’re still sleeping on that dope ass Elmatic project you need to hurry up & download that joint….


Kardinal Offishall – Ol Time Killing Part 2 (Anywhere)

Ran across this banger that Kardinal posted on his twitter page & I had to keep rewinding it back! Pulllllllll Uuuuppppppppp! My favorite song from the Toronto Canada representer Kardinall Offishall hands downs down is the original ‘Ol Time Killing’, but this part 2 version produced by himself & Dready is a nice follow up to arguably his biggest tune over the years! The song is slated to appear on Kardy’s upcoming album Mr. International that’s due to drop this year. Morrrr Fiyahhhhhh!!!


Freeway Speaks On Being Stopped at the Canadian Border & Being Questioned About His Faith In Islam (Video)

While up in Toronto, Freeway talked about when he was stopped at the Canadian border & how being questioned about his faith in Islam only helped to reinforce his faith in being Muslim.

Sean Price Is On The Come Up In Toronto (Video)

Classic Clips: Biggie On Rap City In Toronto 1995 (Video)

Check out this recently unearthed interview of Biggie on Canada’s hip hop video show ‘Rap City’ from 1995. The video is believe to have been taped in April of 1995 prior to the beef with Tupac & the Death Row feuds & featuring some live performance footage from his show in the T.Dot! Part 2 under the hood…..
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Jay Electronica Shows Out His ‘Shiny Suit Theory’ In Toronto (Video)

While up in one of my favorite cities when it comes to music & true rap hip hop fans, the T.Dot of course, the elusively talented Jay Electronica performed ‘Shiny Suite Theory’ for the fans who sung along to every word. Don’t let Diddy see this or else he’ll tell you #ItHurtsWhenBreath


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J. Cole – ‘In The Morning’ feat. Drake (Video)

J. Cole drops a video from one of his standout tracks off of the ‘Friday Night Lights’ Mixtape. In case you’re still running late I left the link below….