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DL Hughley Will Not Apologize For His Statements Regarding Terry Crews’ Abuse (Video)

[I] will not defer my vantage point, my viewpoint, to anybody… I believe what I believe. I’ll say what I say… It ain’t the first time a big dude wanted to beat the sh!t out of me ’cause I said something…

Okay then.

DL Hughley is on with Vlad again. But this time, Vlad brought the camera over to DL’s show set for the interview. Thoughtful rebuttal, especially given the time DL has had to mull things over. His stated views have not shifted, whether that wins him any new or returning fans; or Terry Crews favor.

In this clip, DL Hughley speaks on his previous VladTV interview going viral due to his statements on Terry Crews, were he laughed and made humor out of the actor getting fondled by his Hollywood agent. He says that he stands by his previous viewpoints and the right to his own opinion, while reaffirming that he would never let somebody violate him in the way Crews was allegedly abused. From there, he speaks to how he views the #MeToo movement as somewhat disingenuous, questioning why they care so much when a Black man gets fondled but not at all when he gets shot. With that said, Hughley makes it clear that he apologizes to nobody, though he’s open to more conversation even if he doesn’t have to agree.
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