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Cypress Hill Speaks On Their Upcoming Album & Documentary (Video)

Cypress Hill is getting it in with Detroit’s Black Milk like that? The Midwest meets the West, taking the trio back to the boom bap (B-Real’s words). And then, all is right with Hip-Hop again!

Official 247HH exclusive interview with South Gate, CA-based Hip-Hop recording group artists Cypress Hill (B-Real, Sen Dog, & Eric Bobo), where you’ll hear about their new project “Elephants On Acid,” working on their upcoming documentary, and their upcoming project with Black Milk.
– 247HH.COM

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Lord Finesse Speaks On What Made Gang Starr (DJ Premier x GURU) Special [Video]

If anyone can speak on this, Lord Finesse can. Saying Preemo is a SUPER-producer… all while repping DITC (with its cabal of dope producers)… yeah, that’s a powerful recommendation. And stressing that GURU (RIP) had that monotone style that NO ONE could come close to imitating. Yeah, Finesse is spot on!

Enjoy and reflect on Gang Starr’s greatness. For the Culture!


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DJ Bobbito Garcia Speaks On Rocking Analog Vs. Digital From Back In The Day To Now (Video)

When DJs speak on how it used to be, as opposed to what it is today, in whatever way, don’t you expect them to speak from experience; to talk about what they know? Well, suffice it to say, Bobbito Garcia was there!

Official 247HH exclusive interview with New York-based DJ Bobbito Garcia where you’ll hear about Digital vs. Analog & How It Has Affected Me
– 247HH.COM

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Royce da 5’9 Speaks On His Early Influences And Good Advice He Has Received (Video)

Gotta give it up, ‘it’ being credit where credit is due, even in your interview. Royce knows that and shows that giving props is good in Hip-Hop.

Exclusive interview with Detroit based rap artist Royce da 5’9, where you’ll hear about Early Impact Of Eminem Word Mechanics & advice given to him about money from Dr. Dre.

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Skyzoo Speaks On His ‘F*ck It’ Moment (Video)

In this interview with Brooklyn-based emcee Skyzoo, he talks about leaving Morgan Stanley to do music full-time. Plus he has some projects in the works.

He hasn’t worked a ‘job’ in 11 years, and his mom and dad are his two biggest fans. Thanks to God and the pen. Such a dope interview. Another example of why our radar stays on Skyzoo alert!

(Even has some advice for other artists in this clip.)

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Murs’ Wild Story: Female Fans DTF, Thinking He Caught An STD, And Lessons Learned (Video)

WHOA! Murs wilded the f**k out, f**ked wild women (until he couldn’t), and f**ked around and thought he caught an STD on tour!! Holy sh!t you gotta watch him tell the story!!!

Now. you can Google DTF and STD. Almost added LSG… for that Light-Skinned Girl he married… but LSG ain’t good for ya either bruh. Hopefully his wifey is though. Stay out of trouble, Murs. And stay outta that on-tour strange. Hahaaaaa!

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