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The Real Story Behind Why Aaron McGruder Left “The Boondocks” (Video)

Real talk… Aaron McGruder leaving the Cartoon Network series “The Boondocks” left the show to die a slow painful death. But whyyyyy though? Here’s why.

Good content on the matter; going all the way back to the roots of “The Boondocks” in comic strip form.

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Black Jesus (Series Trailer)

Aaron McGruder Is BACK (officially as of August 7, 2014)! And he brought some of his homies from the “Boondocks” (like John ‘Grampa’ Witherspoon and Charlie ‘Ed Wuncler III‘ Murphy) over from his old Adult Swim gig/creation to his new venture – “Black Jesus.” No hate, but do you notice “Boondocks” losing some of it’s edge now that McGruder’s gone? Well, you’ll have absolutely NONE of that problem with his new new series. This show seems set to ‘go there’ even harder than the YouTube webisodes that were underground when “Boondocks” ruled Cartoon Network’s late night.

Get ready to feel The Spirit of the The Most High — Black Jesus — a new comedy from the creator of The Boondocks. Premieres Thursday, August 7th, at 11p ET on [adult swim].

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Rewind: Boondocks – “The Return of The King” Episode (Video)

Aaron McGruder’s social & political messages in the successful & animated The Boondocks series needs to return to television like asap….. Reupping this special episode of the Boondocks in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. How ironic is it that some of the dumb stuff in this episode is actually happening. Check out an actual MLK weekend party flyer under the hood……SMDH
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