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BJ The Chicago Kid Is Asked, “Why Does Future Mumble?” And More On ‘Arts & Raps’ (Video)

BJ The Chicago Kid said Future has a sippy cup… aaaand that’s where we get started with some serious snapping!! Then the kid (not BJ, one of the others) disses Hov… Yoooo! This video is hardcore, funny and more.

Rising and soulful singer, BJ The Chicago Kid, joins the show to answer, “Why Does Future Mumble?” See an interview of a lifetime in this week’s episode of All Def Digital’s Arts and Raps!

Plus, the kid can carry a tune. Great episode of Arts and Raps.

(And c’mon Hollywood. Make that ‘Equalizer’ sequel and cast BJ as the star; defending the hardware store against another gang of bad guys. Call it ‘Equalizer II: Security And Justice For All!’ Cut the check, and send it here. The kids’ll love it!)

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The Kids Ask Royce Da 5’9, “What’s A Sidechick?” On Arts & Raps (Video)

You got a favorite pair of shoes? Well, a sidechick is like the other pair of shoes…that you leave by the door.
Royce Da 5’9

HA ha! Never heard it put that way, but excellent! This whole video is Royce on some real talk at the level the kids can understand; not watered down, just broken down. Interesting how a talk with the kids (DJ and Zay Zay) can cover such adult-oriented material. Clever. Worth the watch.

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The Kids Ask B-Real, “What’s a Bong?” On Arts & Raps (Video)

You know, about 20 seconds into this, you’ll probably have formulated how you think this is gonna go. Hang in there. It’s sorta cute, sure. But actually… well… just watch. It’s good.

Legendary Hip-Hop artist, B-Real, joins the kids to answer “What’s a Bong?” See the kids decorate some shoes while Dr. GreenThumb spits some knowledge. See it all in this week’s episode of All Def Digital’s Arts and Raps.

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