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Coldplay “Music Of The Spheres” Tour Atlanta 2022 – JAYFORCE.COM

Coldplay is one of our favorite bands of this generation & this world-renown group haven’t been to Atlanta that often over the years so this show for attendees would be nothing less than special. The last time Coldplay performed live in Atlanta was back in 2012. Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay acknowledged the significance of their return to Atlanta this past June 11th on Saturday night. Chris Martin explained that prior to their first ever show in Atlanta more than a decade ago, they weren’t doing well or maybe things weren’t going as they expected as a band. Their first ever show in at Atlanta was at the popular concert venue “The Tabernacle” & the show turned out so well for them that he said it was a significant turning point in their careers afterward. Coming out of the pandemic amidst everything else going on in the world, Coldplay’s Atlanta’s return was nothing less than visibly electric & spectacular for the 70,000+ sold out show at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

This Coldplay “Music Of The Spheres” show has been one of the best concerts we’ve attended by any artist in years. The stadium roof was open, the fireworks, the lasers, the LED wristbands given to fans, & the four different stages strategically positioned at various points on the floor all worked out perfectly in unison for one of the best shows I’ve ever attended. The band brought out surprise guest & Atlanta native Kelly Rowland at one point in the show for an acoustic cover of “Independent Women” from her time with her group Destiny’s Child. Prior to introducing Kelly Rowland to the crowd Chris Martin spoke to the audience about how when Coldplay was a new band with little money, not very fashionable & some notoriety via their one hit song that was hovering around the mid 20s on the UK charts, they met Destiny’s Child at UK televison show “Top Of The Pops.” This was the initial meeting & beginning of their friendly relationship as artists in the music industry. It was fitting that the band started their show with their song “Higher Power” as its noted that most of the performance at Mercedes-Benz stadium was powered by green energy. Fans that danced & moved around on the floor of the stadium powered many of the lights & prior to the show beginning their were people riding stationary bikes which interestingly assisted in this green energy task. It’s just one of the many efforts that band has been supporting in making the planet better as well as continuing to making the world better through music. Check out some exclusive videos above & below from the JAYFORCE.COM crew covering the event…
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See If You Agree With AskMen’s “Top 10 Sex Positions” (Video)

Hump Daaaaay!

Trying to live your best life? Best sex life? Found a write-up and video from AskMen that might help. Variety is the spice of life. And they have some variety in the positions you already get down with… Check that… you might already know all this, but I learned something.

Now, to put the knowledge into practice #NotAGame #ButPRACTICE #BedroomGame


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Yasiin Bey Speaks On Making Music & Art And On The Trump Era (Video)

The artist formerly known as Mos Def. Yeah, we always knew – because BARZ – but in this clip… Bey got something to say!

Rapper and artist Yasiin Bey talks to MSNBC’s Ari Melber in this interview from inside Bey’s new art installation at the Brooklyn Museum, discussing his approach to making music and art, race relations, criminal justice and growing up in Brooklyn. The two also reflect on iconic verses from Bey’s classic album Black On Both Sides, which celebrated a 20th anniversary this year. Bey shares his philosophy on life, saying “there’s the opportunity to do something beautiful today, so be great today.” Aired on 12/20/19.

Brooklyn Bey is featuring in the Museum. Dope. Congrats to the Brother.

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Food: Marshawn Lynch Taste Testing Expensive Burgers In Las Vegas (Video)

First baller meal for Beast Mode… Red Lobster… maxing out on the Cheddar Bay biscuits. Ha! But I ain’t mad at Mr. Skittles at all. Wonder how impressed he will be with all this fancy high-priced food though?

Marshawn Lynch taste-tests a $777 and $1200 burger in Las Vegas, and creates his own custom Beast Mode burger.
– First We Feast


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Meet The Man Responsible For The Incredible Ink Art On Damian Lillard & Kevin Durant (Video)

We just wanted to be blessed with his work.

Check this out! The guy that does tattoos for Dame DOLLA & The Slim Reaper is, of course, one of today’s most sought after ink artists. But don’t take our word for it. Hear it from the two very satisfied, very high-profile clients. And hear what it all means to the artist himself, Steve Wiebe.

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Charlton Palmer Speaks On Being “CP The Artist” & Not Being Put In A Box On Odell’s Roundtable (Video)

Knowledge and confidence in self. VERY important! Watch as CP draws a parallel between his lane in the art world and the rap game. Dude has been ‘Kanye-ing the game’ for some time now. Another dope interview from the homie Odell.

Charlton Palmer aka CP The Artist is a self-taught artist who refuses to be locked down by a particular style or medium. A native of NJ who has made Atlanta his home now knows firsthand what it’s like to try and get your name out in a new city. He talks about how he balances working his craft while also having to be his own publicist and anything else it calls for to run his business. It’s a great discussion on staying creative and also what he has coming up in the near future. So check his work out at and let he and I know what you got from the discussion!


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Food: Japanese Tempura Burger Is A Work of Art (Video)

Truly. Takashi Murakami’s Japanese Tempura Burger is a work of art. Welcome to ‘The Burger Show’ foodies. Prepare to admire… and drool #SlobberSlurp

In a special Burger Show “Bonus Episode,” one of the great minds of the art world—Takashi Murakami—teams up with one of the great minds of the burger world—Alvin Cailan—to taste-test each other’s custom Wagyu burgers at the 2018 ComplexCon. You may know Japanese pop-artist Takashi Murakami from his collaborations with Kanye West. He also happens to be the ambassador of ComplexCon, where musicians, artists, and fashion designers converge at a weekend-long convention. This year, Murakami brought his burger restaurant, Bar Zingaro, to the First We Feast Food Lagoon to show off his special truffle tempura burger.
– First We Feast

Ooooh… Wagyu beef! If you know, you KNOW!!!


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The Miami Style Gods Speak On The Rush And The Danger Of Doing Street Grafitti In Miami (Documentary)

Wow. Right from the start, the dude calls his graf ‘vandalism’… NOT art. But still seems driven about it. Real out there in the streets about the spray game; folks can get shot for real (or worse). VICE investigates.

All across Miami, you’ll find countless tags done by MSG—the Miami Style Gods, a graffiti crew that’s been around since the early 90s. And two decades later, they’re still bombing as many walls, highway signs, bridges, billboards, and abandoned buildings as they can find.

VICE met up with members of the crew—who believe their trade is vandalism, not art—to find out why they’re so dedicated to a trade that makes no money and is often dangerous, from altercations with the cops to dangling over busy highways.


And this is about more than graf, though that is life to these guys; it’s life in the streets.

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Art In Real Life: Enjoy This Amazing 25-Year-Old Carving Exhibit (Video)

Thinking about hidden treasure in a cave, I guess I really hadn’t thought of the treasure being the cave. Dope!

For 25 years this man kept a secret in a cave – it’s hard not to be amazed when you take a look inside.
– Appreciate


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Eleven-Year-Old Artist Waris Kareem Draws On His Everyday Experiences To Produce Masterpieces (Video)

This kid is 11 years old. At 11, I was almost literally still trying to figure out the walk-and-chew-gum “art”… no way I could do amazing stuff like this back then or even now. Learn about Waris Kareem and his artwork above.


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Did You Know That Bob Ross Did Much More Than Paint On PBS? (Video)

I thought about whether or not many of you are even old enough to remember how awesome “The Joy Of Painting” and host Bob Ross were. PBS was home to some great television. And if watching Ross paint ‘happy trees’ gave you joy back in the day, too, you will likely be as wow’d as I was (in a good way) when you learn even more about the PBS icon.

He inspired generations of young people to paint, but did you know these facts about him?
George Takei Presents


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Eye Candy: ‘Iconic’ Imagery Featuring Dynasty, Kimeko Farrar, And Many Artists & Models

You know what’s cool about being @ojones1 and working with #TeamJayForce … everything! But boiling it down to one thing I’d like to share on this post: I actually encounter some insanely talented people. Beautiful people.

Even cooler, I encounter many such people in my meanderings in ‘real life’ (it’s all ‘real’… or is it… another post… back to this one). Today, I would like to share the latest way they are being shared. It’s a different type of Eye Candy; a growing movement featuring some folks you ought to know from here – Dynasty aka Ya Girl Dy, Shirjuanda “Bounce” Woodson, BoneBreaker Jones, Kimeko Farrar – and others you will hopefully get to know via @IconicShoots.

A curator of striking photographic art. We present to you images that strike us so hard we could barely let out an “ow” or “wow” #StrikingImagery
Iconic Shoots



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Zoe Saldana Gives Advice And Inspiration To People Chasing Dreams, Speaks On “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” And More (Video)

I would like to play, like an Earthling… to all y’all directors out there…

Acting goals. Haha! Zoe Saldana shares her passion for people helping people who are fighting to make it, about her experiences with regard to Afro-Latinos and culture, the prevalence of sexism in the film industry, on her film “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.” Some good ‘preaching’ in here (advice, inspiration).


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Incredibly Detailed Miniature Cities Modeled In The Middle Of Times Square (Video)

These miniature cities are their own marvel to be certain. A whopping $40 million to build; crafted by hundreds of artisans. They’re so detailed you can visit this one exhibit and feel like you have been to the sites; so many sights and wonders!

Gulliver’s Gate, a miniature metropolis now lives in the middle of Times Square, New York City. It features incredibly detailed miniature structures and figures representing many regions around the globe.
– Business Insider

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BJ The Chicago Kid Is Asked, “Why Does Future Mumble?” And More On ‘Arts & Raps’ (Video)

BJ The Chicago Kid said Future has a sippy cup… aaaand that’s where we get started with some serious snapping!! Then the kid (not BJ, one of the others) disses Hov… Yoooo! This video is hardcore, funny and more.

Rising and soulful singer, BJ The Chicago Kid, joins the show to answer, “Why Does Future Mumble?” See an interview of a lifetime in this week’s episode of All Def Digital’s Arts and Raps!

Plus, the kid can carry a tune. Great episode of Arts and Raps.

(And c’mon Hollywood. Make that ‘Equalizer’ sequel and cast BJ as the star; defending the hardware store against another gang of bad guys. Call it ‘Equalizer II: Security And Justice For All!’ Cut the check, and send it here. The kids’ll love it!)

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New York Graffiti Experience (Documentary)

What do you know about that old school Hip-Hop cinema maaaan? Have you seen “Wildstyle” yet? If so, congratulations. But that was ’83. And we mean old school – before the 1980s. How about this mini-documentary that came out in 1976, the “New York Graffiti Experience” above? #Graffiti #HipHop #Elements

Enjoy. You’re welcome!

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Hiplet: Now Hip-Hop Is En Pointe (Video)

I will admit to turning a ‘side eye’ to Hip-Hop dance brought into a ballet milieu. Though I was not mad like the why-are-THOSE-PEOPLE-invading-our-artful-dance ballet purists. I was mad like F##K-their-fancy-shmancy-dancy-sh!t, we got our OWN legit dance practiced by the WORLDWIDE Hip-Hop Nation!

But seeing this helped me realize that whatever we do that aspires to LOVE, PEACE, UNITY, and HAVING FUN (word to Africa Bambatta and Soul Brother #1 Mr. James Brown) is a good thing.

A man of color forges a new art form that allows anyone to be down; first and foremost the have-nots and those previously left out. That art form grows, gets embraced by those for whom it was meant and is spread to, through and by everyone who enjoys it. Sound like a familiar story? This IS Hip-Hop showing its essence in another form, no less true. And it is beautiful.

So are the ladies doing it in the above mini-documentary. Wowee-wow-WOW. I love these HIPS… I mean Hiplet dancers!

(Hey, they are fine af ok? You see ’em. And if you’re mad at that, you can stay mad. Ha!)

Watch this. Enlightenment awaits. I was thoroughly edutained (educated and entertained, word to KRS-ONE). Bet you will be, too!


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The Birth of Saké (Documentary)

The award-winning documentary “The Birth of Saké” balances the physical labors of saké-making with the brewery workers’ personal stories and private sacrifices.

Incredible! This documentary is about a tradition, an art, craftsmanship, a lifestyle, a family business, a journey of self-discovery and appreciation and so much more brought to us by Japanese-American documentarian Erik Shirai. Turns out that Saké is waaaay more than fancy rice wine. The story’s telling – in “The Birth of Saké” – does involve a lot of cups of it though. The best!

In Japan, it’s such a normal thing to be an artisan, to dedicate your entire life to one craft and to be really good at it, so much so that Japanese people don’t find it interesting. But I was able to understand the culture, but also see it from a different perspective and really appreciate it. Hanging out [at the Tedorigawa brewery] for such a long period of time helped me realize that the Japanese culture is very embedded in who I am, in my aesthetics, my values, and how I see the world.- Erik Shirai

Check out the trailer above. Catch it on Netflix. More on the documentary at NBC News online.


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Event: My City, 4 Ways Atlanta (Video)


Essence Magazine and Ford kicked off their ‘My City, 4 Ways Atlanta’ event at the Mason Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta (Georgia, USA) this past Saturday, December 10th, with a blend of food, music, art and style featuring some of the city’s influencers such as Anthony David, Algebra, Tweet, Loni Love, Chef Ahki, Erica Key, Kenya Freeman, Kashmir Thompson and DJ Princess Cut.

(More, including video clips, after the jump.)

Carmen Breezy

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Making Of A Mural: Street Artists Honor A Tribe Called Quest (Video)

These are Hip-Hop hieroglyphics. Respect to Greg Poole. Been hearing good things about this happening, but this vid puts it in perspective. Back in the day… to now… on the Boulevard of Linden. A Tribe Called Quest. RIP Phife.

25 years after the release of their classic LP “Low End Theory,” watch as a mural honoring A Tribe Called Quest goes up at the site of their iconic 1991 video for “Check The Rhime.”
– OkayPlayer

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