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Bill Duke Speaks On The Importance Of Following Your Dreams (Video)

How do you live a life of fulfillment… of passion? That, ladies and gentlemen, is THE question. Understanding that is the keystone of your time here, or it should be.

Bill Duke spoke to VladTV about choosing happiness overstability with his acting career, as he explained that he watched too many people in his family work in jobs they hated and die soon after retiring. He went on to speak about teaching kids in his foundation about the entertainment business and encouraging them to use the internet to put their talents out and not wait to be discovered. Bill also spoke about his upcoming and current projects, including Black Lightning on the CW, Mandy starring Nicolas Cage, and High Flying Bird, which director Steven Soderbergh filmed entirely on an iPhone 8.
– Vlad TV

Here, Bill says, “Go for it.” But you have to have a plan, be prepared to work hard, embrace the ‘suck’ and don’t wait to be ‘discovered’… discover YOURSELF! Feel that. Overstand that!


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Bill Duke Used To Hate White People (Video)

Bill Duke’s Great Grandparents were slaves, his parents escaped from the racist, oppressive, and DANGEROUS South to the North… with their lives. Bill was subjected to extreme racism himself as a child. Is it a wonder that Bill feels how he feels? Imagine how you feel watching a movie with some racism in it. That part… times 1000!

In this clip, Bill Duke spoke about growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY, during the 1940s and 1950s. His parents moved North to escape the oppression of the Jim Crow South equipped with just a 2nd- and 3rd-grade education, respectively. Bill Duke opened up about some his early experiences dealing with racism and how some Whites defied the racist logic of the time as well. He recalled what it was like being a pre-teen when the Emmitt Till story made national headlines.
– Vlad TV

But beyond the agony of his youth, there was wisdom, imparted to Bill, and he shares some with us in the clip above. Watch.

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