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Power Rangers (Trailer #2)

Well, go go “Power Rangers” then. This latest trailer ramps up the action on what is sure to be an action-packed TV-to-movie experience. Take a look.

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Breaking News On ‘CNN’ (Live From SNL): President-Elect Trump’s Newest Cabinet Appointee Is ‘Walter White’ (Video)

Bryan “Walter White” Cranston getting in on the SNL jabs at President-Elect Donald Trump before the Inauguration. “Walter” (iconic drug kingpin character from the TV drama “Breaking Bad”) knows everything about the DEA, is a big Trump fan, and also wants to ‘make America COOK again.’ HAHAAAAA!

But for real, some of these ‘funny’ cabinet picks that The Donald is making are NOT funny. Mumbling to myself: Leave it alone, O… just… leave it alone.

These picks are not bad. They are alt-good…

(Google ‘alt-right’ if you don’t already get that one.)


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Power Rangers (Trailer)

Okay, now this trailer makes this “Power Rangers” movie look official. Another TV action fantasy – like Star Trek – hits the big screen blockbuster style. Now, I grew up seeing Star Trek re-runs on TV. By the time “Power Rangers” got going on the small screen, I was in college. It was campy, maaaad campy, but I will admit watching it from the start (remembering old repackaged stunt-action series like Spectreman and Goldon back back-in-the-day). But this 2017 big screen launch… they’re taking it seriously. Top of the cast includes Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks. Watch the trailer!


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