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Comedy: The Impeachment Trial You Wished Had Happened (Video)

‘Judge Mathis’ is gonna do it like it was supposed to be done. No peachiness in the impeachment trial this time.

We are calling witnesses… ’cause that’s how a DAMN trial works!

HAHAA! Hell yeah!! Get ’em. Give ’em ALL THAT!


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Comedy: Idris Elba Stars In ‘The Impossible Hulk’ (Video)

Dagnabbit! Why didn’t I come across this when the Blacks-Are-Barbecuing-Call-The-Cops lady was all over the news and internet?? This SNL clip featuring Idris Elba is spot on.

After being hit by gamma radiation in a failed experiment, Dr. Bruce Banner (Idris Elba) transforms into an emboldened White lady (Cecily Strong) whenever he is threatened.
– Saturday Night Live

Ha! You think having a big mean green machine inside you is a problem… Naaaah, son, ‘aggressed’ White woman rage coming out of you… THAT’S a PROBLEM!


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Comedy: Friendos Are Amigos With Relationship Issues That Require Therapy (Video)

Therapy… Breakthrough… Group hug… skrr skrrt! Bahaaaaaa!

Friendos (Donald Glover, Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson) employ Dr. Angela (Cecily Strong) to help them work on their friendship.
– Saturday Night Live

And keep watching. The A$AP Rocky feature is in there!

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Comedy: The ‘Kavanaugh Hearing’ Live From New York Last ‘Saturday Night’ (Video)

“I’m a keg-is-half-full kind of guy.”

What to post next? Waitholdup!! SNL opened with a Kavanaugh spoof sketch??? No question, it goes up NOW! They go in. Bwaaahaha!

(Wait until you see, if you haven’t seen, who plays Judge Brett Kavanaugh. HILARIOUS!)


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Comedy: SNL Sketch Spoofs “A Quiet Place” And Lampoons Kanye West’s Twitter Feed (Video)

Usually when we say that a sketch comic ‘kills’ it is a good thing. But in this clip… yeah, all the comics KILLED in this sketch about how Yeezy’s tweets can get motherf**kers KILLED out here. Bwaaaaahahaaa!

Friends (Donald Glover, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant) have a hard time staying quiet when they hear what Kanye West is up to.
– Saturday Night Live

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Women May Be From Venus… But We Know “The Female Brain” Is ‘Out There’ (Trailer)

Blake Griffin is a fool for this! A couple of ‘pause’ worthy scenes in there. Hahahaaaa! All-star cast (including sexy Sofia Vergara *yooo*). Hilarious trailer for “The Female Brain.” And shout to crazy azz Deon Cole in there.

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Ferguson: The ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch You Didn’t Get To See (Video)

A St. Louis news station reconsiders its morning programming in light of the Ferguson riots.

In the ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch above, two St. Louis TV news anchors (Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong) struggle through their Rise and Smile morning show broadcast, as Ferguson protests continue. Biting stuff… BUT… it got cut. Why? We’ll let you think on that…

(For a clue, watch the video. You’ll see.)

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