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Comedy: Dear Racist… Don’t Be Scared. And Don’t Call The Cops. Dial 1-844-WYT-FEAR Instead (Video)

Hilarious! Plus, Neicy Nash (always nice) is in this.

In this satirical infomercial, the comedian and actress Niecy Nash plays the inventor of a new hotline, 1-844-WYT-FEAR. The video advertises a phone service for White people to call when they can’t cope with Black people living their lives near them. It’s a real phone number we created so that fearful Whites can call it for advice, about their racism.
– The New York Times

So there you have it ‘fearful Whites’… a dedicated hotline just for you to dial up. Or, you could, maybe, just take a deep breath and a pill and go lay down somewhere or something.

#BBQBecky #CouponCarl #PermitPatty #Call800WYTFEAR

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Black and White (Series Teasers)

Yes! Please, please let this happen like it’s supposed to… and catch on. We (looking at you U.S.) need this: to laugh, and just as important, THINK about race in America. The evidence can be found in comments heard across the ‘net (and probably across the aisle – at work, the grocery, wherever) around the “Roots” reboot that just played on The History Channel. Sentiments like ‘whyyyy do we even need to bring that back up?’ given voice by Black AND White people. Like race isn’t even a relevant issue anymore.

There are some things you just can’t say, even if your grandparents did. “Black and White” premieres Wednesday, June 13 10:30/9:30c on A&E. #BlackAndWhite

Ha! In your [Black]face! More after the jump…

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Spike Lee Speaks On The Basis Of His New Film ‘Chi-Raq’ & Elaborates on Chicago, Sex Strikes (Video)

Interesting. Spike Lee and Stephen Colbert discuss the dire straits of Chicago’s war-like violence and casualty rates, the foundations/inspirations for “Chi-Raq” (a spin off the Ancient Greek satire “Lysistrata,” in which Athenian women vow to withhold sex until their men end the The Peloponnesian War), and the possibility of sex strikes on campus in the coming semester after his movie drops.

“I think that a sex strike could really work on college campuses where there’s an abundance of sexual harassment and date rapes. Second semester it’s going to happen. Once people come back from Christmas, there’s going to be sex strikes at universities and college campuses across this country. I believe it.”
Spike Lee

Gun control. Police brutality. So much in a short clip to watch. And you must!


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Don’t Get It Twisted: Spike Lee’s “CHI-RAQ” Is Serious Satire, NOT Comedy! (Video)

CHI-RAQ is not a comedy. CHI-RAQ is a satire… In now way, shape or form are we not respectful of the situation that is happening in Chi Raq… So, people don’t get it twisted… This film was about serious business.
Spike Lee

For the benefit of critics [who may have forgotten how ‘pre-Malcolm X‘ Spike made message movies], CHI-RAQ’s executive producer released the above video to clarify his work’s approach to the real-life tragedy that is essentially Chicago-at-war. Spike is doing a satirical movie, in which any laughter is basically to ‘keep from crying’ as it were. This is not like the ‘Chi Raq’ documentary on which we posted earlier here. Spike Lee sternly denies critics’ commentary that allege that CHI-RAQ is making light of the violence and senseless losses of life in Chicago. To punctuate his statement, Lee ends his vid with what is pretty much an alternate trailer for the movie – blending snips from the film that communicate its seriousness.

Watch…now. And remember that you laughed at parts of “Do The Right Thing” too.

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Ferguson: The ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch You Didn’t Get To See (Video)

A St. Louis news station reconsiders its morning programming in light of the Ferguson riots.

In the ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch above, two St. Louis TV news anchors (Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong) struggle through their Rise and Smile morning show broadcast, as Ferguson protests continue. Biting stuff… BUT… it got cut. Why? We’ll let you think on that…

(For a clue, watch the video. You’ll see.)

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