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Comedy: This Ice Bath Is “Cold as Balls,” Blake Griffin! (Video)

Kevin Hart’s comedy & interview series goes in… to the ice bath… again! This time with pro baller guest Blake Griffin.

Kevin Hart and Blake Griffin discuss Oklahoma in the early eighties, NBA Playoffs, and more in this Cold as Balls episode. These two get comfortable with comedy in a tub of ice.
– LOL Network


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Women May Be From Venus… But We Know “The Female Brain” Is ‘Out There’ (Trailer)

Blake Griffin is a fool for this! A couple of ‘pause’ worthy scenes in there. Hahahaaaa! All-star cast (including sexy Sofia Vergara *yooo*). Hilarious trailer for “The Female Brain.” And shout to crazy azz Deon Cole in there.

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Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan With Some Nasty Pre-Game Dunks (Video)

Eff All-Star Weekend and that Slam Dunk Contest… We got your NBA Jams right here. You know that old ad, “Don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk.” Well, the above clip maaannnn… all dunk. NASTY funk… and nothing fake about it! Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan treat the crowd to a pre-game dunkfest; almost worth the ticket price alone. Watch.

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Slam Dunks: Jamal Crawford’s Between-The-Legs Alley-Oop To Blake Griffin (Video)

Last night I was in Philips Arena watching the Atlanta Hawks take on the Philadelphia Sixers in a rather uneventful win over the decimated Philly squad. When I eventually got home & turned on the television I was amazed at this ill between-the-legs alley-oop that Los Angeles Clippers Jamal Crawford supplied to his teammate Blake Griffin. This definitely should be counted as one of the best NBA plays of the year. Forget the Los Angeles Lakers…The Clippers are the new “showtime” in L.A. for real! Crazy!
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Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin & Chris Paul On Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel’s introduction as the “once sorry sports franchise” when describing the Los Angeles Clippers is hilarious. Oh how times have changed as Blake Griffin & Chris Paul have made the Los Angeles Clippers the number one NBA team in Los Angeles & gaining even more popularity around the country. The thing that’s infectious about this Los Angeles Clippers squad is their team chemistry & you can tell they genuinely like each other & play for each other unlike the Los Angeles Lakers. Check out part 2 of the interview after the jump below…
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Comedy: NBA Star Blake Griffin Gets Lured Into A Van For A ‘Metaphysical Milkshake’ (Video)

For this episode of “Metaphysical Milkshake” – on the “Soul Pancake” channel (YouTube) Rainn Wilson lures Blake Griffin (of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers) into the back of his van to talk about knee surgery, Blake’s childhood, and whatever the hell else! Hahaaaa! Rainn Wilson is hilarious (and Blake keeps up)!
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Blake Griffin’s 1-Hand Dunk Off The Wall At Team USA Practice (Video)

Now that the official Team USA has been chosen for the  2012 Olympics in the guys have been getting together for scrimmages to get ready for the games in London. Following the Team USA scrimmage in Las Vegas, L.A. Clippers Forward & former NBA Dunk Contest Champion Blake Griffin put on quite a show for his peers as he did an ill 1-handed dunk after bouncing the ball off the back wall of the gym. Seemed like many of his Team USA peers enjoyed the dunk & have been enjoying the comrardery with each other except for Kobe Bryant who appears distant in many photos. Shout to
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Chris Paul’s Son Impersonates Blake Griffin With ‘The Blake Face’ (Video)


Comedy: Blake Griffin Vs. Lil Blake (Video)

New Orleans NBA Bounty? L.A. Clippers’ Blake Griffin Gets Rocked By Hornet’s Jason Smith (Video)

Damn just when we thought only the New Orleans Saints were the only ones getting caught out there recently for bounties on opposing players. Apparently bounties are becoming a part of the norm down there for New Orleans pro teams beyond the NFL as the focus now shifts to the NBA with the Hornets Jason Smith clobberin’ L.A. Clippers Blake Griffin who appeared to be on his way up with a dunk….


Blake x CP3: Welcome To Lob City

There’s new sheriffs in Floss Angeles…..Blake Griffin & Chris Paul lead the charge in “New Lob City”. Check out the preview of the interview written by former Atlanta based music & sports writer Lang Whitaker from the SLAM site.

Classic Clips: Wu-Tang All Stars- “Soul in the Hole”

In honor of the recent posterizing of Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Kendrick Perkinks, this joint came to mind as Blake Griffin was dunking his “Soul in the Hole”. Should I dare call that the Dunk of Death part 2???????


Blake Griffin’s Monster Dunk Over OKC’s Kendrick Perkins (Video)

DAMNNNNN!!! Los Angeles Clipper’s Blake Griffin posterizes OKC’s Kendrick Perkins with this powerful dunk that has me making the straight up ugly face. Thizzzz face!
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Blake Griffin & Chris Paul Starring in..”Lob City” (Video)

Move over Lakers….there’s a new team in town. ***Plays Tyga – Rack City Loud**** “Lob City B*tch Lob Lob City B*tcchh….”
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Blake Griffin’s Posterizing Dunk Versus The Phoenix Suns (Video)

2011 NBA Allstar Dunk Contest (Video)

Rounds 2 & 3 under the hood…….

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