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Professional Speak On Athletes Coming Into Money & How Much (Or Little) Their Leagues Look Out For Them [Video]

I went from a dorm room… a dorm room… to a million-dollar house, and did not understand it, but had to act like I knew what I was doing every day…

Real, REAL talk about money & wealth here; the comings and [unfortunately] goings of it. The NFL’s responsibility to make sure retirees aren’t broke? Interesting. Who wouldn’t be in favor of, at least, the idea of the athletes not being broke after years of playing a game that leaves their bodies broken.

Tommie Harris, Clinton Portis and Jack Brewer discuss the money they made in the NFL with financial expert Michael Bapis.
– The Players’ Tribune

And the revelations that come from this discussion… DEEP! Great clip.

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Scoring The Deal: New Pro Athlete House Hunting Reality Show (Video)

Jason Abrams aka ‘The Jerry Maguire of Real Estate’ has himself a reality show. Brokering homes for the world’s elite athletes – like NBA and NFL standouts Clinton Portis, Vernon and Vontae Davis, Jordan Farmar, Cato June, Joe Haden, Greivis Vasquez, Adewale Ogunleye, and Derrick Morgan – Season 1 of Jason’s HGTV show ‘Scoring the Deal’ airs Tuesday nights.

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