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Learn ‘The History of Griselda Records’ (Video)

For anyone that didn’t know, they hipped us to the facts right from jump… Griselda Fam is FAMILY for real!! Like blood for real.

The Buffalo trio stopped by the Complex studios to discuss their beginnings, their trials and tribulations, Machine Gun’s legacy and how everything from wrestling to art has influenced their work and career moves.
– Complex News


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“Black Panther” Could Be Marvel’s Most Important Movie Release To Date (Video)

Okay, Complex News. “Black Panther” as the best movie in the Marvel Universe when it drops? Like that?? We’ll see (and hope the prediction comes true).

The Blackest Superhero Movie EVER! Dope!!


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Pusha T Speaks On His ‘Run For the Oceans’ And Says “King Push” Is 85% Complete (Video)

Interesting. Instead of moping about ‘taking the L’ in the recent U.S. Presidential election, Pusha T is getting into being more ‘self-governing’ and pushing the causes he is interested in (with no more ties to the White House)… and partnering with companies in line with them.

Adidas and Parley join forces to help draw attention to and preserve the world’s oceans. Pusha T performs and speaks on the importance of brand activism and his love for Adidas.
– Complex News

Hmm… Push drones on and on a bit about Yeezy’s beats being the driver for choosing his production to dominate the forthcoming album… over his OGs The Neptunes (Chad Hugo, Pharrell Williams). Not disrespectful really. Kanye is a well-known worldwide all-time beast on them beatz. But, maybe, someone might feel slightly slighted with how ‘energetic’ Push got when he got the question. Just saying.

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So…When Is Jay Electronica Dropping That Album? Here’s His Answer (Video)

Catching up to Jay Electronica wherever is a rare and cool occasion; more so at All-Star Weekend. He gave us camera time, mic time, and now for the Q&A session… Well, there is only one question on every Hip-Hop head’s (including Jay Z’s, apparently) mind: WHEN IS THAT ALBUM COMING OUT, SON?!

(Click play for Jay Elect’s answer.)

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Kevin Powell Speaks On His Relationship With Tupac Shakur, Shares ‘Rikers Island Interview’ Audio From 1995 And More (Video)

Very few people know the turmoil that erupted between 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G. better than Kevin Powell. A political activist, author, and journalist who first became known as a cast member on the original season of MTV’s The Real World, Powell made perhaps his biggest impact as a senior writer for VIBE magazine in the mid-’90s. It was there that he had the opportunity to chronicle the life and career of Tupac Shakur. He penned three highly acclaimed cover stories about the enigmatic superstar. including one based around an interview conducted when Pac was locked up on Rikers Island.

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And It Don’t Stop: Allen Iverson On His Injecting Hip-Hop Into The NBA, His New Documentary And More (Video)

Allen Iverson was into way more than basketball as a young’un. And we know he brought more than phenomenal skills to pro basketball. If there was a name with which history could associate the NBA’s Hip-Hop swag, it’d be Iverson’s. Here in his sit down with Complex, he talks about that, other sports passions early in life, being controversial, a new documentary (to ‘splain it all) and more.

(Yuuup… he touches on that rap album he had, too.)

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