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Allen Iverson Speaks On Meeting Michael Jordan And Knowing The Notorious B.I.G. (Video)

Wow. A.I. knew Biggie like that. Got to think about that music project he was determined to drop at risk of torpedoing his pro ball career back in the day. Birds of a feather and such; wondering if he got a push, nod (or unh!) from Biggie if that rap career would have taken off.

(Okay, done thinking… NO WAY anybody gives up multiple MILLIONS for playing ball under contract for a ‘chance’ to make ‘some money’ in the rap game. NBA ‘bankshots’ paid WAY more than the ‘bank’ A.I. would have gotten as a rapper.

NBA legend Allen Iverson sits down with Complex’s Speedy Morman to drop gems on everything from his relationship with The Notorious B.I.G., to his conversation the first time he met Michael Jordan, to his iconic shooting sleeve, most memorable Kobe Bryant moment, opinion on the state of the NBA and more.
– Complex

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A Happy 40th Birthday Celebration For Allen Iverson (Video)

A celebration in honor of the former 76’er who recently turned 40 – Allen Iverson. Great clip for one of pro b-ball’s greats. Check it out. Some tender moments in there, too. Nice.

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And It Don’t Stop: Allen Iverson On His Injecting Hip-Hop Into The NBA, His New Documentary And More (Video)

Allen Iverson was into way more than basketball as a young’un. And we know he brought more than phenomenal skills to pro basketball. If there was a name with which history could associate the NBA’s Hip-Hop swag, it’d be Iverson’s. Here in his sit down with Complex, he talks about that, other sports passions early in life, being controversial, a new documentary (to ‘splain it all) and more.

(Yuuup… he touches on that rap album he had, too.)

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A Day In Philly With Allen Iverson (Video)

A shoe game, fashion and lifestyle video short, presented as a laid back look at Allen I’s coming up in Philly, being a b-baller, relating to fans, keeping it real with himself and his folks and more.

In his own words, Allen Iverson explains the details of the VILLA x Reebok Question Pump “A Day in Philly” including his love for style, Bentley’s, Friday’s and of course the city of Philadelphia.

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NBA Great Allen Iverson Names His ‘Starting Five’ For All-Time (Video)

Allen Iverson. One of those names that makes you envision hard hooping at a high level automatically. Now retired, from the court; but he still has much to say about the game.

Like coaching? Nah, according to Iverson himself, nobody wants that. Hahaaa. But what’s interesting in the clip above… Allen I’s all-time starting five… And remember, this is from a guy who’s recruiting class included Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Stephon Marbury, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.

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Iverson (Documentary Trailer)

Allen Iverson was more than a ‘thugged out’ pro basketball player. The impact he had on sports, fashion, commercial advertising, Hip-Hop… Dude was a cultural icon. True ‘The Answer’ was hated on as often as he was lauded; but you had to (at least) respect his game. And you know you remember when he became that dude (hint: search ‘Iverson crosses Jordan‘). Yup, jooked Michael out of his Jordans!

And then… there is the rest… Well, a documentary film about AI debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival, giving viewers a more holistic look at [what at least some will say is] a misunderstood sports celeb. Check out the trailer above.

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“I Am Philadelphia”: Allen Iverson Reflects on his Career with the Philadelphia 76ers (Video)

Last night the Philadelphia 76ers retired future hall of famer Allen Iverson’s jersey number & it was a special night in the city. It was clear that A.I. embraced Philly just as much as we embraced him. Allen Iverson was a high profile athlete who repped my hometown, but he was the personification of what being from Philadelphia was all about. Tough, hardworking, blue collar, & fearless.

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Allen Iverson Speaks On Tyron Lue, His Influence on Basketball, and the Reebok Answer IV (Video)

SLAM Magazine sits down with Allen Iverson to discuss The Reebok Answer IV re-release, his influence on style in basketball, Hip-Hop mentality he brought to the game, winning the 2001 MVP award, and the famous Tyronn Lue step over. Great scoop by Dell over at for this. Respect.
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Behind The Scenes: Swizz Beatz Shoots ‘Street Knock’ Video With A$AP Rocky & Allen Iverson (Video)

I’ve been digging this new Swizz Beatz “Street Knock” joint featuring A$AP Rocky. MTV recently caught up with Swizz Beatz while shooting the video to the new single from his upcoming album & surprisingly Allen Iverson makes a surprise appearance on the set as well. ***SWIZZ BEATZ VOICE*** “COTDAMMIT!!”


Allen Iverson Crosses Up Jeff Teague (Video)

Can’t wait for some NBA action!! On another note… SMH Teague!!

Allen Iverson Gets His Lamborghini Impounded In Atlanta (Photo)

TMZ received confirmation from Atlanta law enforcement officials that Allen Iverson was pulled over in his silver 2009 Lambo on Wednesday night. A.I. was cited because he was whipping around the ‘A’ with expired dealer tags.  Thankfully for A.I., a few of his boys were following close behind in a Rolls Royce