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‘Black Nat Geo’ Documents The Hood Version Of A ‘Friars Club’ (Video)

Booking? Corning? Hmm… never heard it called that. But this Black Nat Geo clip takes a hilarious look at homies verbally jabbing each other with jokes for sport in their ‘natural habitat.’


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People Get Their Bones Professionally Cracked (Video)

Best line in this whole clip: “Oh man, that was deep.”

The chiropractor, Dr. Mike Mensah, kinda blew it though. He was supposed to have a slicker comeback line …like …well, I got nothing. But so what. We’re not talking about me now, are we?

Interesting thing I just learned from the clip: The ‘cracking’ you hear in the clip above is actually the sound of gas escaping from joints. Okay, but does all this really help you heal and/or feel better? Watch and learn for yourself.


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Chicago: Landmark Overlook Glass Ledge Suddenly Cracks, Startling Tourists (Video)

Friends of mine who’ve been to Chicago (Illinois, USA) say going out onto the glass ledge on Willis Tower’s Observation Deck – and looking out and down on the cityscape – is a ‘must do’ item for your bucket list. Well, I am going to leave that to them; especially after hearing about the ledge’s cracking as tourists were on it.

Cracked? Oh… heyull naaawww! But wait, wait. Architectural engineer Michael Swanberg said

“Because you can see through it, obviously there’s the psychological effect that ‘oh my gosh, something broke.’ But nobody was ever in danger.”

See (above), nothing to worry about. They even replaced that glass that cracked. So, y’all can feel safe going back out onto the ledge when you go to Chi-town. Cool.

Oh…Me? When am I going? How ’bout NEVERary the 32nd? Ha! I wasn’t ever going to step out there in the first place; even when the ledge was “totally safe.” But you tell me how fun it was, okay?


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